Luca Emilio Wilms is a German teenager, keynote speaker and entrepreneur who is currently doing a year abroad in the US, funded by a scholarship from the German Bundestag.

At the age of 10, Luca started developing computer games and creating extensions for computer games on his Windows PC at the time. At just 14, he discovered his passion for digital communication and contributed significantly to the development of the social media department of a gaming project, building two major TikTok accounts.

In early 2023, Luca Emilio Wilms took a job in a marketing agency specialized in advertising for Generation Z. In August 2023, he left this agency to focus on his year abroad in the U.S., made possible by the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program. During this year abroad, Luca gives various presentations in the U.S. about Germany and takes on the role of an ambassador to report on Germany.

Luca Emilio Wilms lecture topics

  • Digital communication – The influence of virtual influencers on society
  • Generation Z – How do they think? What do they want? How do they communicate?
  • How today’s innovations influence the generation of the future

Luca’s keynotes are primarily about Generation Z and the future. The specific topics of Luca`s speeches are very diverse. The topics range from marketing for Generation Z, to what Generation Z wants, to current trends from Generation Z.

Gen Z is the focus for Luca, as he is firmly convinced that this generation will be sitting on the boards of directors of this world in 20 years and companies should not miss the opportunity to win these people over. Luca Emilio Wilms is not only able to talk about his generation, but also about the future and innovation. For example, about Virtual Influencers or Artificial Intelligence. Luca also likes to talk about his time in the USA and the political exchange he experienced there. It is always important that authenticity is in the foreground.

Luca Emilio Wilms is the perfect speaker and talk guest for companies who are honestly interested in learning about the future and having an exciting exchange. Luca is also always open to panel talks, where he actively discusses topics with other people.

In his free time, Luca Emilio Wilms is involved with the DLRG as a lifeguard and first aid volunteer at his
local beach in Germany.