Expert in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare 4.0 & Change-Management

Andreas Krebs, former Chairman Merz KGaA.

‘Challenge, Charisma, Championship’ – Andreas Krebs is one who have been on the executive board of a major player in the pharmaceutical industry and have ‘made it’ in corporate America. Besides his position as Chairman of Merz KGaA, Andreas Krebs runs his own venture capital business together with a friend and partner. Cologne Invest is the name of the firm that invests in young start-ups and growth companies in many sectors as well as the New Economy.

Andreas book, „THE ILLUSION OF INVINCIBILITY“ (GABAL, 2018), together with Co-Author Paul Williams, was sold out within five weeks and everybody wants to know: „Is there a rise without fall“

Speaking Topic Andreas Krebs

Healthcare 4.0: Successful Digitale Strategies in the Pharmaceutical field.

Until 2010, Andreas Krebs held leading positions at Bayer AG and Wyeth Corporation, most recently as an executive president in the USA, with more than 8000 employees in 96 countries. He worked in seven different countries, including nine years in Latin America, Asia, Canada and most recently in the USA.

His core topic is the incredible potential available within companies. A Gallup poll confirms year on year that some 60 percent of employees ‘just do their job’ and a mere 5 – 10 percent are willing to go that extra mile, even though they have abundant energy to invest in their leisure time. Globally, the figures differ very little.

How can we as CEOs, board members and executives allow this to happen? What concrete and substantial measures can we initiate with a span of control of 1000/10,000s of employees and how do we achieve not only a high degree of employee engagement, but also generate CEO engagement in particular?

His presentations are highly interactive, positive, emotional and true to life. But above all, they offer the kind of practical orientation that can be put into action at once.

Andreas Krebs also speaks about ‘Globalisation and Leadership’ and Entrepreneurship.