Mr. Sellutainment - Sales & Social Media Expert

Martin Sänger is an experienced sales trainer. He made his first steps in sales with a famous international telecommunication company. During that time he became a well-known expert in sales and received more and more bookings as a keynote Speaker. He proves that there is an easy way to sell if you know how to deal with your customers. His keynotes are full of practical sales know-how always combined with an entertaining sense of humor.

For more than 4 years now, Martin analyzes lots of social media stuff to find out how you can use it to achieve your sales targets. As a result of his research he wrote the book “The social media sales code: CRACKED! What companies should learn from Facebook & co.” for the time being available in German only. He also published several audio trainings like “Speaking without getting red”, “how to convince people” and the sales up call: “selling vs. internet.”

Sales and Entertainment is Mr. Sellutainment

If you want your audience laugh and learn on the topic of sales, Martin is the right person to book. He talks about “Selling made in Germany” or “The social-media sales code” or individual sales topics on your request. So if you want to pimp your next event with a professional expert in sales and know-how “made in Germany”, don`t hesitate to contact Martin directly or our office.

Keynote: “CRACKED the social-media sales code”

Martin Sänger International Keynote Speaker – No doubt the social media channels are extremely successful. Facebook made it to find over 1 billion users in less than 9 years. But why do people love to communicate via twitter, facebook or other channels? Why do they post pictures of their coffee mug? And the most important question is, what we should learn out of this behavior? And how can we use this in a professional way in business to improve our success?Mr. Sellutainment, Martin Sänger gives you all the answers on the questions above and much more. In his inimitable way to hold speeches, he will inspire the audience and he will light the fire to take action.Content:• Why people post their coffee• The 6 findings of users needs• How can we use these findings in business• How to improve our success in sales