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Bob Leslie: We have to learn to control what we can and recognize what is not in our control. What matters is how we respond to the situation.

Bob Leslie studied at Brandon University and the University of Winnipeg, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Teaching. After completing his education, he followed his passion and played professional field hockey in Canada, the United States and Europe. Following careers as a professional field hockey player, special education teacher, and student and adult counselor, he became passionately involved in the world of leadership seminars and leadership training.

Bob Leslie Lecture Topics

Every business team is different, and all the people on the team are different. But certain basic principles remain the same.


  • Leadership is a choice, not a position
  • Leadership styles
  • Leadership characteristics
  • Leadership qualities
  • Leaders and change


  • Intrinsic and extrinsic factors
  • Characteristics of motivated people
  • Heroes, role models and mentors
  • Self- and team motivation
  • Health, energy and stress

Team building

  • High-performance teams
  • Assessing and understanding personality styles
  • Leadership processes
  • Team development through active participation
  • Teamwork, recognition and reward
  • Psychology of winning

Action plan

  • One-on-one coaching techniques
  • Establishment of “SMART goals
  • Problem solving skills
  • Creating individualized action plans

Bob Leslie has always been an active community member and taught coaching classes for the Manitoba Hockey and Baseball Associations. He received the Merit Award for his commitment to community service and the Coach of the Year Award from the Province of Manitoba.

Bob Leslie Leadership-Philosophy

  • Leadership and coaching skills can be learned and developed.
  • Communication is the art of listening, questioning, clarifying and establishing an action plan in the short and long term.
  • We must learn to control what we can, recognize what is not in our control and react appropriately to the situation.
  • We must learn to identify and prioritize problem situations in order to apply learned problem solving skills.
  • There is one person responsible for your choices and actions…YOU.
  • Goals must be realistic and achievable.
  • Leading the way we were led may not be the right way to lead..
  • We should live in the present, learn from the past and plan for the future.

Bob Leslie returned to professional field hockey in Europe in 1988, first as a coach and later as General Manager. Since that time he has been in Europe and has worked with hockey clubs at the highest level in Switzerland, Germany, England and Austria. During this time, he has been a member of Team Canada’s coaching staff ten times at various international competitions.

In 2011, he founded Bob Leslie Global Leadership. Since then, he has been a keynote speaker, leader, driving force and influential innovator with companies seeking to develop and improve their leadership teams.