Maks Giordano is a global award-winning digital strategist, innovation specialist and creative with almost 30 years of experience in innovative digital projects.

He is not only considered an innovation thought leader in dealing with exponential technologies, but is constantly gaining real practical experience in innovation projects with iconic brands such as Apple, Lego, Red Bull, Mercedes, Jägermeister, L’Oréal, Vogue etc. Currently, the big focus is on Generative AI, not just as a “trend”, but in operational use with his customers and very specific questions about how companies can benefit from current developments in Gen AI.

Maks Giordano was a member of the management board and Head of Innovation, Games & Mobile at ProSieben Sat.1, co-founder of the successful consultancies iconmobile and Nunatak, a member of the management board at MetaDesign AG and, as Head of Europe for kyte, counted LadyGaga among his clients.

Based on a briefing discussion, an outline of the content is agreed together with the client and a keynote speech is created that inspires and excites all participants.

Maks Giordano Lecture topics

  • Me, Myself and AI: Using generative AI for innovation and creativity.
  • Quo Vadis AI & GenAI: The impact of exponential developments in GenAI & AI on future business models, human resources, marketing and communication.
  • Innovation Mindset: Strategies for companies to foster a climate of innovation.
  • Desirable Futures: How exponential technologies open up desirable futures for us.
  • Innovation Management: The key factors for sustainable innovation in companies.
  • The Future of Mobility: Visions for mobility in 2035 and the transformation of urban centers.
  • Healthcare: Transforming healthcare through exponential technologies.
  • Beyond the Hype: The endurance of Web3 after the metaverse & NFT hype fades.

Maks Giordano began his career in the digital stone age in the mid-1990s at ID Media AG, where he was involved in numerous internationally award-winning digital projects. These include the digital launch campaign for the Volkswagen New Beetle, the online launch of “Wallpaper” magazine, as well as projects for Sony-Europe and Swatch. He played a formative role in the establishment of “Cycosmos”, the leading social network in the UK and Germany at the time and one of the world’s first avatar communities – two decades before the metaverse became a global talking point!

In 2000, Giordano was appointed to the management of MetaDesign AG as Head of Digital. He helped shape the first mobile projects in Europe, including for NTT DoCoMo’s iMode and Telefonica, and became an evangelist for mobile services long before the iPhone revolutionized the market.

A typical question to him these days: “Maks, we are a company in the XYZ sector and are currently working on generative AI. Can you come over and give us the range of possibilities, inspiration and your assessment?”

His passion for mobile services led to the co-founding of the Iconmobile Group in 2003, one of the first agencies in the world to specialize in mobile solutions. With his help, the company grew into a global player with over 200 employees and offices in Berlin, Tokyo, Sydney, London and New York. As product manager, Maks Giordano developed one of the world’s first mobile ad servers in 2004 and designed mobile marketing and advertising formats for leading companies such as Microsoft, o2 and Yahoo. He also advised leading European mobile operators and supported numerous brands in the realization of their first mobile projects.

After the acquisition of the Iconmobile Group by WPP in 2007, Maks Giordano took over the Innovation, Mobile & Games division at ProSiebenSat.1 Digital. He successfully launched the Group’s first iOS apps, created innovative advertising formats, ran UGC campaigns and established a highly profitable data access product. Since then, corporate innovation has been one of his key passions.

In 2009, Giordano joined Kyte, an innovative live streaming platform based in San Francisco and funded by Disney and NTT DoCoMo, among others, and headed up the European market as Managing Director. He developed digital video strategies for mobile, social and online media for companies such as MTV and Universal Music. Kyte has worked with world-renowned artists such as Lady Gaga and 50 Cent to optimize their video offerings and fan interactions.

Since 2011, Maks Giordano and his Innovation Studio have been supporting organizations in their digital transformation and in innovation issues – from new digital business models and start-up cooperations to innovation hubs and company building to digital upskilling in HR. Well-known companies such as Linde, Viessmann, Lufthansa, Volkswagen, Daimler, UEFA, Red Bull, Deutsche Telekom, BMW, eBay and many more rely on his expertise.

Maks successfully co-founded the consultancies “Nunatak” and “kreait”, led the accelerator program “Founder Institute” in Berlin and was a mentor at Axel Springer PlugNPlay, Telekom hub:raum, Pioneers Festival, hack.fwd and many more.

Maks Giordano holds an MBA in Media and Communication from the University of St. Gallen, teaches entrepreneurship and innovation management at Zeppelin University and HTW Berlin, among others, and published the first German book on usability (Springer Verlag) and the first German book on mobile business (Gabler Verlag).

He is a judge at the Lovies and Webby Awards, the “Oscars of the Internet”, has a very idiosyncratic taste in music, enjoys traveling and continues to practice yoga.

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