Leading Expert in Neuromarketing, Brain research & Neuromanagement

Hans-Georg Häusel – How to delight customers and vitalize businesses..

Neuromarketing expert Hans-Georg Häusel changes the way we think in sales, marketing and management. As a brain researcher with many years of consulting experience, he shows how decisions are really made in the brain: Largely unconscious and always emotional. His presentations are fascinating and highly entertaining journeys through the human brain. For marketing and sales, he reveals where the many small unconscious buying buttons are located, what differentiates customers and how to seduce customers and win them over. It doesn’t matter whether the customer is a consumer goods company, a retailer, a bank or service provider, or a B2B technology company.

For management, he shows how motivation and leadership really work from the brain’s point of view and what makes companies successful. Through his understandable and humorous style of presentation, he inspires listeners of all corporate hierarchies and educational levels alike. Hans-Georg Häusel is therefore a sought-after keynote speaker at many national and international events. He was awarded the Excellence Award by Unternehmen Erfolg® as one of the best speakers in the German-speaking world.

Hans-Georg Häusel Lecture Topics

  • Think Limbic! The unconscious sides of corporate success
  • Think about! How gut decisions really fall in the brain
  • Top Seller – What top sellers can learn from brain research
  • The Neurology of Money: How Financial and Investment Decisions Really Fall in the Brain
  • Emotional Boosting – The fine art of buying seduction
  • Neuroweb – How digital marketing goes straight to the brain
  • Brain View – Why customers buy

Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel (Dipl. Psychologe) is a thought leader in neuromarketing and is one of the leading international experts in marketing, sales and management brain research. He has worked with the former director at the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry, Prof. Dr. mult. Johannes Brengelmann on neuropsychological aspects of money and consumer behavior.

Based on these findings, Hans-Georg Häusel published his first bestseller “Think Limbic – Understanding the Power of the Unconscious for Marketing, Management and Motivation” in 2000. With this book he revolutionized marketing and management thinking. In the meantime, he has written many other business bestsellers on the subject of brain research and selling. His book “Brain View – Why Customers Buy” was selected by an international jury as one of the 100 best business books of all time.

The Limbic® model he developed is today considered the best and most scientifically sound instrument for identifying conscious and unconscious life and buying motives as well as for neuropsychological target group segmentation and personality measurement.