Leading Expert for Topics such as Digital Leadership with focus on the Board of Directors, War for Digital Talent, and Digital Culture. Founder of Institute for Digital Business.

Manuel P. Nappo, Director Institute for Digital Business, Head of EMBA Digital Leadership & MAS Digital Business, Member of the Executive Board HWZ School of Business Zurich

Manuel P. Nappo was born in Zurich in 1971 and grew up in Ferrara (Italy). He returned to Switzerland for his studies in International Management at the HSG University of St. Gallen. After working for companies such as Red Bull and GroupM, Nappo founded his own branded entertainment agency. As a well-connected expert in digital media in Switzerland, he was brought to the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (HWZ) in 2010 – where he is now Director Institute for Digital Business and a member of the school’s executive board.

In 2011, he used his in-depth knowledge of new media and his well-established network of influential experts to quickly launch the CAS Social Media Management at the HWZ – the first academic continuing education program on this topic in Switzerland. In the years that followed, Nappo continued his pioneering work with further innovative courses and exclusive international study tours in the digital field. Special milestones were the MAS Digital Business in 2014 and the Executive MBA Digital Leadership in 2019.

Manuel P. Nappo Lecture Topics

  • Corporate Governance in the Digital Age: Best Practices for Board of Directors.

Corporate Governance has become increasingly challenging in the digital age. This keynote focuses on the best practices for successful governance in the hyperconnected world and aims to equip the audience with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead their organizations to success. This presentation is designed for both experienced leaders and those just starting their journey, providing key learnings and insights to thrive in the digital world.

  • The Digital Board: Staying ahead of the Exponential Game through effective Corporate Governance and Board Leadership.

This presentation focuses on the new concept of the Digital Board and the importance of effective corporate governance and board leadership in today’s rapidly changing world. It highlights what makes a digital board effective and provides insights on international best practices for corporate governance in the digital age. The presentation is designed for board members and senior executives and aims to equip them with the tools and insights necessary to succeed in the digital world.

  • Talent as USP in the Digital World: The Role of Board Directors in Winning the War for the most precious resource.

Strategies can be replicated. Capital is easy to access. Talent has become the USP of successful organizations. A strategic shift in terms of the talent required and ensuring access to it is needed. Boards are not only responsible for overseeing the talent strategy, but also serves as a role model for the rest of the organization. This presentation equips the board members, CEOs, and senior executives with the knowledge and insights needed to effectively leverage talent as a unique selling point in the digital world.

  • The Future is Now: Navigating Digital Transformation through Effective Management and future-minded Leadership

This keynote addresses how effective management and future-minded leadership are essential to successfully navigate digital transformation. The presentation focusses on the key elements of impactful management and the concept of an exponential leadership, and it highlights the importance of understanding their relationship for success in today’s rapidly changing digital world. The presentation is specifically designed for board members, CEOs, and senior executives to equip them with the knowledge and abilities required to steer their organizations through the digital terrain and propel them towards a successful future.

More about Manuel P. Nappo

His early sense of trends and the needs of the Swiss economy were reflected in the great demand. With the aim of making Swiss companies and their employees fit for the digital future, the Institute for Digital Business was established at the HWZ under his leadership in 2017. Since then, it has been regarded as a Swiss center of excellence for digital transformation and new disciplines in business, law and society. In January 2021, Manuel P. Nappo was appointed to the HWZ Executive Board.

His comprehensive entrepreneurial understanding remains relevant and practical to this day, as Nappo is active as a keynote speaker, strategist, consultant, board member, and entrepreneur in addition to his roles at HWZ. He also co-founded the Digital Festival in Zurich in 2016 and completed the executive program at Singularity University (USA) in 2017.

In 2013, Nappo was awarded the title “Digital Pioneer of the Year” by IAB Switzerland for his significant contribution to digital education and training in Switzerland. In 2015, the Swiss marketing and communications industry voted him “Thought Leader of the Year” in MK Marketing & Kommunikation magazine.

In the future, Manuel P. Nappo will continue to bring talented people together around the topics of digital leadership, exponential digital business and transformation, digital talent, digital mindset, and sustainable digital business in order to jointly shape an economically, ecologically, and socially meaningful future for us all.