Andreas Kuffner – About a right mindset and that little bit of luck

05. November 2019 – Katharina Schlangenotto

“Anyone who believes to have reached it all has stopped to develop further”, says Andreas Kuffner, former Olympic champion in the team of eight and today’s expert on resilience and team development. Today, the 32 year old finds himself living his true vocation as top-speaker and high performance coach.

His lectures are inspired by personal stories to help “people with their individual challenges and goals”. Above all, he wants to encourage people to start acting. As an ex-professional athlete, he knows that achieving goal needs more than a clear vision but also disciplin and the strength to kick it off.

Andreas Kuffner speaks about personal highs and lows as a professional athlete and encourages an optimistical view of life with all its sunny and dark sides. Because a positive attitude can keep anyone from giving up too soon.

As a symbol he uses, of course, a boat. A boat in which one’s weaker self, the will to win, holding on and letting go, deep conviction and nagging doubts sit together. The explosive mixture finally ends up as a winning team. “It is not always clear where the journey leads us, but if you know what you really want and what you need to achieve your goal, you should tackle it with optimism – it’s worth it,” says Andreas Kuffner with the utmost conviction. Time and again, he returns to the “mindset”. In his view, it is he most important toll for success, apart from an own personal goal and that little bit of luck.

“What a lecture from you! I have been doing the job for quite some time, have heard many, very good and less good lectures. Yours was one of the best. THANKS!!! Battery full!” Katja Holland-Wartchow is Key Account Manager Immunology at the Sandoz Group / HEXAL AG and quite excited after Andreas Kuffners appearance.

Maybe it’s the mix of captivating clarity, empathy, and the genuine desire to bring people to their own individual paths. The spark jumps over quickly when Andreas Kuffner starts talking. You simply like him because of his modesty and deep care about the others.

“You can not teach a person anything, you can only help to discover it in oneself.” The quote of Galileo Galilei is what Andreas Kuffner believes in when it comes to team development:  everything that it needs lies in the human being and thus also in the team itself.

In his lectures, he mainly talks about the (interior) High Performance Team, leadership in complex times, dealing with setbacks, error culture and motivation.

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Andreas Kuffner

World Champion & Olympic Champion in the German Rowing Eight