Markos Arisitides Kern – No risk, no fun!

26. March 2019 – Katharina Schlangenotto

“Video Art? That can at best be a nice hobby.” This is what people told Markos Aristides Kern when he first came up with the idea to do business with video installations. The same people told him to be crazy when he suggested to open a surf school in North Korea.

But, the thing is with busy multi-entrepreneur Markos Kern: he just does it. Fortunate enough, he has never given much to the opinion of others. He enlightened the dunes of the Sahara and the icebergs of the Antarctic. He fearlessly opened his surf school in North Korea and, with not much of a surprise, it turned out to be a success. For no less than 2,000 Euros, people booked a trip to North Korea to go surfing in his school.

Markos Aristides Kern is a huge fan of a lot of things – expcept for routine and no progress.

This is why he is always in action and up to something new. His life and view oft he world is everything besides boring.

Most recently he founded another new company called “Fun with Balls”. On the homepage it says: We are merging sports and gaming to become the market leader for a new industry. Their first product, interactiveSQUASH has created an immersive system and platform that merges sensors, software and displays technologies to create a training and gaming experience like none other.  Our second product, multiBALL, is an innovative technology that transforms any wall in a fun interactive sport experience, and could involve any kind of sport with a ball.

Maybe you now get a better idea of what Markos Aristides Kern is up to. He combines action and clever thinking and fun. The job descriptions on the page ask for willingness to travel and fluent English as well as the desire to think out of the box. The latter, by the way, is not just an empty phrase but a way of life for Markos Aristides Kern.

The former advertiser and marketer admits that he is tired of simply winning the next pitch. He prefers to spend his time with something meaningful and aims for holistic solutions for problems of today’s society. “Don’t be shy!” is his recommendation. „Just do it!“ People love and buy his ideas and products because they are different, surprising and, above all, fun. Just like him. Meet the man. No risk, no fun.


Markos Aristides Kern

Entrepreneur, Sports Tech Innovator, Keynote Speaker