For almost two decades, former Visual Drugstore Founder and Creative Director Markos Aristides Kern has been in the creative field, using a holistic approach and deep expertise to realise extraordinary ideas and unique solutions. This is what makes him one of the best experts for innovation and creativity, and these skills mixed with technology let him to start Fun With Balls (now: LYMB.iO), his new adventure that is shaping the future of Sports and will contribute to provide a solution to the problems of our Society living the digital era, in particular for the younger generation. Markos, a passionate thought leader and lateral thinker, is the founder of several startups and his vision is filled with inspiration, foresight and imagination. Always looking for the Wow effect, his creativity mixed with his Business knowledge due to wealth of experience, are creating a great combination for unquestioned success.

Markos Aristides Kern Keynote Topics

  • Expedition for Tech and Innovation! Heading to Silicon Valley – How to merge sports, tech and gamification for the future of society
  • Utopia brings sales! Believe in your vision to make possible the impossible
  • Generation XYZ & Digital – why is important to increase participation of the younger generation in Sports

He started his career in 2004 as Founder and Creative Director with Visual Drugstore, his design and consultancy company that focuses strongly on innovations and technology to explore any possibility in the creative field. By working in strategic partnership with his clients, telling their stories in a authentic and passioned way, he became over time a strategic partner for multiple ventures and startups. Marketing-, event- and architectural consulting are the main areas of his work, but his expertise and projects wide range could vary from creative strategy creation and directing, to final implementation of each innovation or element. He is also Owner and Creative Director at Kern Innovation Consultants, and the Co-founder of “ULYSS” Travel Guide.

He has founded his new SportsTech business “Fun With Balls GmbH” in 2016 – now: LYMB.iO

And now pursue its mission to making society more active to tackle all our problems of the digital age in a more fun and addictive way, by merging real sports with tech and gamification.

“We are leading the Sportification revolution globally, to allow more people to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.” (Markos Aristides Kern)

Furthermore, Markos Aristides Kern is a consultant for the Public Sector as well as for different Sports Associations and Federations, to help them implementing the digital transformation and tech innovation he’s carrying on in the Sports Business. He has received many Awards in the field of Tech and Innovation, to name a few “Best Sports Tech Startup Europe 2017”, ISPO Brandnew Award 2017 and ISPO Award 2018, both with FWB’s interactiveSQUASH, Red Dot Best of the Best for Travel guide “ULYSS”, Global Innovation in Tennis Award in 2018 and thanks to his insightful Pitch that had the jury unanimously convinced, he won the “Best Innovative in Sports” Startup Competition at SPOBIS 2019.