Artificial intelligence, the solution for efficiency

18. January 2024 – Oliver Stoldt

Yesterday he was on stage at the AI House in Davos at the World Economic Forum (WEF), this morning we met him for an early morning coffee at The Circle in Zurich: Thilo Stadelmann, one of the world’s leading researchers on artificial intelligence.

Thilo Stadelmann is Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the ZHAW School of Engineering in Winterthur. He not only conducts research into AI, but also utilises the technology in company projects that are brought to the ZHAW by industry.

What are the issues and technological challenges in your company and how can we support you with ideas and solutions for the transformation?

Wolfram Sauer with LEADING MINDS and my team with Premium Speakers have a treasure trove of top experts for many areas of business. Be it on the topic of Gen Z & Gen Y, CSR, sustainability or geopolitical changes. And what do AI and Thilo Stadelmann have to do with it? Thilo Stadelmann has the expertise in AI technology. Because:

  • Can global data and AI improve scenario thinking and planning, for example for insurance companies in the event of natural disasters?
  • How can artificial intelligence be used in medicine?
  • How can you increase efficiency in your company through the use of AI, especially when there is a shortage of skilled labour?
  • What needs to happen in education policy so that young people can be taught new technologies in schools and training centres?

Prof Thilo Stadelmann – Artificial intelligence: What exactly does the term mean?

How can the current hype about the possibilities and fears, including the extinction of civilisation, be classified? What are examples of the practical use of artificial intelligence and how should we position ourselves for the future, as individuals, as companies and as a society? Are there reasons why we should look to the future with hope and without fear, even though well-known people are concerned? How does the technology behind it work and what added value can it bring? How will the development continue and what should we do now?

Forget ChatGPT! The technology and knowledge is already much more advanced. Thilo Stadelmann, Pascal Kaufmann and Benjamin F. Grewe, the founders of AlpineAI, are leading the discussion on AI and offer excellent approaches for the digital transformation into a new technological working world, increasing efficiency in production and logistics and simplifying processes in administrations.

Prof Thilo Stadelmann and the AlpineAI team can be booked for presentations, workshops and projects: +1 (704) 804 1054 or