Backstage: Oliver Stoldt – Event-Moderator

09. December 2023 – Oliver Stoldt

Oliver Stoldt and Kilian Cathomas have been organizing the BoDeWo annual event in Pfäffikon on Lake Zurich for 12 years. Every first Friday in November, a knowledge forum is held for the members of Einkaufspartner AG with top speakers on politics, business and society.

This year, on November 3, 2023, the topic was “GAME CHANGER: Economy, Politics & Sport – The New World Order” and the speakers were Kevin Lötscher, Dr. Steffi Burkhart and Ueli Maurer, former Federal Councillor.

More than 160 participants were enthusiastic about the presentations and the transfer of knowledge.

This event is always very special for Oliver Stoldt, as he still performs at BoDeWo himself. In addition to the introductory keynote on the day’s topic, which he always enjoys giving, Oliver Stoldt has been moderating this event for 12 years. A great honor for him, as he normally prefers to be “behind the camera”.

He approaches this task with great pleasure and enthusiasm and his at least 10 moderation cards are always full to bursting with information about the individual personalities and their topics. He also always conducts professional preparatory discussions in advance so that he can ask the speakers specific questions about their topics at the event, in depth, probing, appreciative and with a wink.

And yes, he enjoys being in front of the camera and the audience. But Oliver always looks forward to the dinner at the event afterwards. Because then he knows that the evening in front of the camera is over.