Arturo Bris talks about change in the financial sector

02. June 2020 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Arturo Bris is an economics professor and director of the World Competitiveness Center at the renowned IMD in Lausanne. The business school is one of the best in the world according to the ranking of the Financial Times. Before joining IMD, he was a professor of corporate finance at the Yale School of Management.

Every year the IMD World Competitiveness Center evaluates the “World Competetive Ranking”. In 2019, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States ranked first, making, according to IMD, the most competitive countries in the world. The USA was still at the top in 2018. My God, how the world has changed since then!

IMD professor Arturo Bris: ”I don’t want Switzerland to take first place.”

In 2019, Switzerland made it to fourth place and economics professor Arturo Bris said at the time:

“I don’t want Switzerland to get the first place.”

He justified this as follows: “I prefer to live in a country where there is consensus and the population makes their own decisions.” He was then referring to the democratic system in Switzerland, which makes it more difficult to change the rules of a country quickly. Corona and the restriction it brought us were and are a challenge to many of us being used to democracy.

As a finance professor, Arturo Bris naturally analyzes the current situation and its impact on the global financial world. Even if it may come as a surprise to you, Arturo Bris sees something positive in the current corona crisis. „What it shows is that the growth sectors’ shares have declined the least”, he explains. “This is strange because in a financial crisis, investors tend to rely on stocks that provide value today. As finance economists say, “in winter we burn fat”.

For Arturo Bris, this means light at the end of the tunnel.

He says:
“Companies that you would expect to generate growth will continue to generate growth.”

The finance professor made seven recommendations for the Post-Corona Zeit. One of them is: “Planning various possible outcomes of this crisis is useless. It was the same in 2008. It’s better to be resilient, reactive, and focus on what’s happening now.”

In his lectures, Arturo Bris talks about the financial crisis 2020 and what a life after the corona virus could look like. About social mobility, the future of work and pay, about outlook and challenges in the global economy as well as blockchain and intelligent cities and how technology improves the quality of life.

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Professor Arturo Bris

Professor of Finance IMD Lausanne, Director of the World Competitiveness Center