Joschka Fischer – Elder Statesman

06. December 2016 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Joschka Fischer’s CV is anything but flawless. He dropped out of school and an apprenticeship as a photographer, preferring instead to become active in the student movement of 1968. He was interested in social politics and as a guest student he sat in lectures by Adorno, Habermas and Negt or read Marx, Mao and Hegel.

Joschka Fischer – From squatter to foreign minister

Joschka Fischer squatted houses in Frankfurt am Main at the end of the 1960s and later became a member of the Green Party. He is the one who, like most Greens at the time, appeared in the Bundestag without a haircut and in sneakers and took the oath of office as Hessian Environment Minister in ankle-high white sneakers. He experienced the grueling RAF period in Germany and became Vice Chancellor and German Foreign Minister under Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, an office that hardly anyone would have thought him capable of holding at the beginning of his political career. But from 1998 to 2005, he proved his diplomatic skills and represented the Federal Republic of Germany abroad.

Skilled rhetorician, popular politician

In 2005, Joschka Fischer retired from the official political stage and returned to the public eye in 2007 as a founding member and board member of the European Council on Foreign Relations and board member of the International Crisis Group. He is also a visiting professor at Princeton University in the USA. Joschka Fischer is still one of Germany’s most popular politicians. As a skilled rhetorician, he is always a welcome guest on German and international stages.

From revolutionary to advisor

Some are fascinated by his extraordinary political career, others are inspired by Joschka Fischer the man. He also proved his willpower to those who are not interested in politics when he mutated from an overweight to a jogging and extremely thin foreign minister. Joschka Fischer polarizes opinion. Some admire him for his success, others shake their heads at the extreme changes he has gone through. He simply goes his own way, has published many exciting books and given countless lectures. As Federal Foreign Minister, he got to know the world’s statesmen personally and was part of international political, economic and social developments.

As an international minister, he got to know the world’s statesmen personally and was part of international political, economic and social developments.

Exciting journey behind the scenes

In his lectures, Joschka Fischer talks about current political issues, foreign and security policy, the future of Europe, geopolitical changes, globalization, crisis management and environmental policy. The former statesman shares his experiences, explains the background and takes his audience on an exciting journey behind the scenes of high politics.

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Joschka Fischer

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs & Vice Chancellor, Germany