Handball World Coach 2015, European Champion with German Handball Team 2016, Motivator & Leader

Keynote Speaker Dagur Sigurdsson: Desire to win vs. fear of losing. Faith moves mountains.

After sensationally winning the European Championship title with the German national handball team in Poland in 2016 and the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Dagur Sigurdsson is referred to as the “father of success” in the German media.

Dagur Sigurdsson, the winning guy, not only for German handball!

Dagur Sigurdsson lecture topics

The Dagur Formula – Talent + Training x Attitude
Dagur Sigurdsson is a success coach and motivator. His team is top motivated and enthusiastic about his extraordinary methods. Learn in this lecture what really matters and how you can sustainably increase the performance of your team!

Adaptation or substitution – of individualists and team players
In a team, all participants have individual strengths and weaknesses. What is true in sports is also true for companies. In this presentation, Dagur Sigurdsson explains how you can promote the talents of individuals while strengthening the team as a whole!

Young and wild – team leadership for Generation Y
Dagur Sigurdsson has proven that he can successfully deal with young and inexperienced team players! Companies can also benefit from his knowledge. Learn what is important in the team leadership of Generation Y and how to successfully achieve desired goals!

Short and to the point – The statement makes the difference
If you’ve ever seen Dagur Sigurdsson play handball, you’ll know that his short and precise statements set him apart. Listen to how you can best get your message across and why concise announcements often have more impact than rambling speeches.

Planning is good, implementation is crucial – achieving goals
A plan can still be good – in the end, it’s the successful implementation that counts! Dagur Sigurdsson explains how to set and achieve goals. Learn in this lecture about strategic planning and successful implementation.

From Europe to Asia
As a European, Dagur is highly respected in Asia. Learn what it takes to be successful in Asia. Through his international experience, Dagur Sigurdsson knows how to succeed in the Asian region and teaches you the most important behaviors and recipes for success.

The special honor: Handball World Coach 2015

Born in 1973 in Reykjavik, Iceland, Dagur Sigurdsson grew up in a sporty family. As a soccer player, he made it to the Icelandic U17 selection, but ultimately devoted himself to handball, and enjoyed a very successful career as a world-class handball player: 25 caps for the Icelandic national team, World Cup fifth in 1997 and European Championship fourth in 2002.

As a player, Sigurdsson won the Icelandic championship five times and successfully participated in various European and World Championships, as well as the 2004 Olympic Games. During his active career, he took on responsibility as a player-coach at Wakunaga Hiroshima and A1 Bregenz. From 2008 to 2010, Sigurdsson acted as coach for the Austrian national handball team, which he led to an outstanding ninth place at the 2010 home European Championships. From summer 2009, he also coached Füchse Berlin, which he shaped into a top team in the Handball Bundesliga. His greatest successes as coach of Füchse Berlin were winning the DHB Cup in 2014 and the EHF Cup in 2015.

The successful coach

In August 2014, Dagur Sigurdsson took on his biggest challenge to date and became coach of the German national handball team. In this role, Sigurdsson wrote an impressive and unique success story. In 2014, he took over a team that was deep in a sporting crisis and had just missed out on World Cup qualification. German handball was at rock bottom. But in just 18 months, the Icelander turned a young and inexperienced team into a team in which everyone stands up for everyone else and everyone is driven by an irrepressible will to win. With a will to win, morale and unique team spirit, they made the impossible possible: as underdogs, the young German team won the European championship title in Poland in 2016 and just a few months later the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Rio. Since 2017, Sigurdsson has been devoting himself to his next big challenge as Japan’s national coach.

Dagur Sigurdsson has received several awards for his outstanding sporting successes: In April 2016, Dagur Sigurdsson was named “World Coach of the Year.” After the 2016 European Championship victory, German Chancellor Angela Merkel honored national coach Sigurdsson’s team in Berlin for their European Championship gold. In addition to the team’s incredible will, Merkel praised Sigurdsson in particular, saying he had made a decisive difference with his special way of motivating the players.

In addition to his exciting career as a professional handball player and coach, Sigurdsson is a successful entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, he is best known for co-founding and running the successful Icelandic Kex Hostel in Reykjavik. He continues to be entrepreneurially active in the hospitality, automotive and IT industries. As a speaker, Sigurdsson successfully addresses the topics of leadership, team building and motivation.