Dagur Sigurdsson – father of success

05. July 2016 – Katharina Schlangenotto

This guy is intense. His opionion and his way of being is anything not mainstream, his business decisions are taken 100 percent rational and zero percent emotional.  Sigurdsson doesn’t care if others don’t agree with him but, at the same time, is able to listen and reflect.

Maybe it is exactly this brutal clearness that that fascinates. There are no hidden messages in his communication, everyone around him has a clear guideline to follow. Sigurdsson admits that he hates to lose. As it happens anyhow, he takes it as a challenge and analyses, reflects and optimizes to finally succeed. It is the desire to win and not the fear of loosing that makes him go.

It might come as a surprise that the same man also enjoys to hang out with family and friends in some simlple cottages somewhere in the big nowhere of Iceland. On top, he plays the guitarre, quite good as we hear, while his brother, a musician, sings. He also loves to go fishing, horses and riding as well as tours on his Harley Davidson and takes the time for those things far away from his busy life.

Dagur was never satisfied with only one taks, in fact, he was always engaged in more than one project. When he was only 19 years old, the opened up a coffee shop with his brother in Iceland. Ever since, he kicked off new businesses or held and holds shares of companies because he loves to see new things happen and delevop. He admits openly that not everything he touched was a success. However, exactly this fact had a big influence on his mindset und faith. He believes that there is no need for fear of losing but that it is all about the desire to win. He needs to go beyond limits and his comfort zone must be quite a big place. The German newspaper FAZ once called him “the man with 1000 talents and competencies”.

No matter if someone likes him or hates him, not that he would care, the man from Iceland is called father of success for a reason. He fascinates because of his authenticity and wide range of experience.

On stage, the expressive motivator talks, among others, about team leadership for Generation Y, how to guide individualists and team players, the importance of mindset, conentration, faith and right believes, how to develop from underdog to bad boy and from bad boy to winner, how to bother the big boys or how to reach or the desire to win and the fear of losing.

Interesting? Learn more about “the father of success” Dagur Sigurdsson and contact us at: dagur.sigurdsson@premium-speakers.com.

Dagur Sigurdsson

Handball World Coach 2015, European Champion with German Handball Team 2016, Motivator & Leader