Boris Johnson – the face of the Brexit campaign as Top- Speaker

16. October 2018 – Katharina Schlangenotto

The headlines about Boris Johnson are currently not exactly positive. Among other things, the press calls him a conscienceless opportunist whose main goal is to see himself all right.

Boris Johnson states his opinion clearly 

Boris Johnson will now also share his story, his views and motivations as one of the Top-Speakers to whom he undoubtedly belongs. Sounds certainly exciting!

A short look into his biography sheds light on his career and possibly also his motivations. Boris Johnson was born as the eldest of four children in New York, USA. His parents are British and moved back to the UK where he grew up. Maybe, being the oldest kid, had formed his character: he might have learned early to take care of himself. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that also his father was already active in UK’s politics.

Boris Johnson’s past or that of his ancestors could deliver the story for an an exciting thriller: his Turkish great-grandfather was the last interior minister of the Ottoman Empire. For various reasons he had to flee to London and, there, changed his name to “Wilfred Johnson”.

In fact, Boris Johnson’s great-great-great-grandparents have a very distant kinship with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles through the royal family of Württemberg.

Concerning the Brexit

Somehow it does not surprise with this family history that Boris Johnson has become who he is. He is clever, for sure, knows how to represent himself and loves open provocation and confrontation. He states his opinion clearly and critics sometimes accuse him of not always consistently following his line. Nevertheless, he has made a name of himself with his hardliner course concerning the Brexit.

As former Mayor of London, before the Brexit referendum in June 2016, he vehemently argued in favor of Greatbritain leaving the European Union. He certainly does not share British Prime Minister Theresa Mays’ view of the Brexit course, on the contrary, he openly criticizes her goal of maintaining close ties with the EU.

The press is now speculating that Boris Johnson might aim to take over the leadership of the Conservative Party. There is no doubt that there could indeed be ambitions, knowing Boris Johnson as the man he is.

Boris Johnson will never be bore out anyone

Likewise, there is no question that „BoJo“, as the yellow press likes to call him, is an excellent speaker: he has a keen sense for his listeners. For sure, Boris Johnson will never be bore out anyone. There are more than enough reasons why it will be exciting to see and hear him on stage outside the political arena.

In his lectures in English language he focuses on Europe, the European Union and, of course, the Brexit as well as society in general.

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Boris Johnson

Former UK Prime Minister. Former Conservative MP, Foreign Secretary and Mayor of London.