Chester Elton – Premium Speakers meets the Apostel of Leadership

18. May 2015 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Chester Elton’s head is bald, he is tall with an impressive stature. When he enters the room, he is right there, in full presence. His moves are dynamic and he smiles openly when he reaches the table. “I was really looking forward to meeting you”, he says, and you feel that he means it. He has been to Europe and particularly Germany many times. Punctuality and reliability comes to his mind and he regrets that despite his numerous visits, he has still not picked up many German words. No prob.

Leadership = Appreciation

There might be cultural and social differences, he believes, but in the end, German companies would face the same issues as every other company around the globe. At least, when speaking about Leadership. Makes sense, considering the fact, that human beings have the same basic needs no matter where they live. The longing for appreciation is one extremely important one.

There must be a reason why the largest Canadian newspaper “Globe and Mail” once called Chester “the apostel of Leadership”. This is his mission, this is what motivates him: to teach leaders how to still appreciate their teams even if the outside pressure, driven by numbers and ambitious goals, and the resultant stresslevel rises every day. No appreciation, no good Leadership. As simple as that.

Chester’s stage is everywhere

When you meet Chester, you feel strangely happy afterwards. In fact, the feeling already arises during the meeting. You feel energized and can’t wait to get started with those tasks that you had always put off before.

Is Chester really one of those “typical” motivational gurus? Always in a good mood, always smiling, “such a great person”? Maybe a little bit, but surely far away from that sunnyboy image that might pop up in your mind. Chester knows very well what he is talking about. He has sold millions of books, translated in more than 20 languages. Chester is a Pro, you won’t forget neither himself nor his words. His impressive experience makes him an unforgettable speaker and is way of presenting the important topic Leadership is a real talent of his, a personal gift.

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