Business Thinker, Entrepreneur and Author

Felix Plötz is a lateral thinker and instigator – in the best sense. He firmly believes that creativity, courage and the “just do it” spirit of start-ups also have a place in established companies. He is regarded as an expert on the topics of “motivation”, “digitisation”, “leadership”, and “startup spirit”.

He has quickly become the shooting star of the speaker scene thanks to his captivating style, his authentic appearance and his charisma. He inspires employees and managers alike – whether in corporations such as BMW, E.ON or Lufthansa, medium-sized family businesses or at large events with several thousand spectators.

His first book on motivation was a surprise hit in 2013, and was a bestseller on Amazon. His business bestseller “Palmen in Castrop-Rauxel”, celebrated by a broad audience, followed in 2014. RTL, Welt am Sonntag, Spiegel Online, Impulse, and many other national media and blogs reported on this exceptional, crowdfunded book project. Shortly after its publication, the book became one of the most sought-after “entrepreneurship” publications on Amazon; just four months later it officially reached “Bestseller No.1” status.

His current book “Das 4-Stunden-Startup” has been on the bestseller lists for more than 2 years and is one of the best-selling business books ever published in Germany. Among other accolades, it has been dubbed a “SPIEGEL financial bestseller”, “Manager magazine bestseller”, “Amazon Bestseller No.1”, “Handelsblatt bestseller” as well as a “Top 10 audiobook of 2016” on Audible. It has been translated into several languages ​​and is already published in many countries.

Felix Plötz started his career in a traditional way: in 2008 he completed his studies in business engineering in the top 10% of his class. After starting as a trainee in an international electrical engineering group, he then became a sales engineer and shortly after Area Sales Manager with responsibility for seven countries and 30 million euros in sales.

While his career continued to soar, the feeling of stagnation and the desire for something new also grew at the same time. He founded his first company, caruising® fuel-saving training, in 2011 whilst still in permanent employment. He continued to build up the company after leaving his job in 2013, and sold it to ADAC in 2015.

In the same year he founded the publishing start-up “Plötz & Betzholz” as Germany’s first social influencer publishing house. It is backed by a radical, digital business model, which was awarded the Wildcard of the Frankfurt Book Fair – and which works: shortly after its founding, the publisher had already released its first SPIEGEL bestseller, and 10 months later, “Plötz & Betzholz” was taken over by the Ullstein publishing group. To this day, Plötz continues to build up his imprint as a publisher – numerous SPIEGEL bestsellers have followed.

For his achievements, Felix Plötz was nominated for the “Börsenblatt Young Excellence Award” from the German book industry in 2016. Shortly thereafter, Plötz was able to celebrate another success: the renowned Handelsblatt speaker agency included him in their exclusive portfolio, making him the youngest speaker in their company’s history. In autumn 2018, the new book by Felix Plötz will be published. In “The End of Bad Work”, he shows how we can innovate our business from the inside with our modern entrepreneurial spirit, become more innovative and agile – and thus successfully exploit the opportunities offered by digitization.

Felix Plötz is a lateral thinker and instigator – in the best sense. He firmly believes that creativity, courage and the “just do it” spirit of start-ups also have a place in established companies. His lectures and books shake things up, inspire people and encourage them. They encourage people not just to seek out new ways of thinking, but to look for new ways of acting, too.

Keynote Lecture # 1: Just do it!

More entrepreneurial spirit for employees (and managers)

We live in times of upheaval because digitisation is causing fierce, cut-throat competition in many markets. Quality alone is no longer enough to permanently secure the top position in the market. The success factors for tomorrow’s markets are courage, the ability to innovate and above all, the ability to be brave and think outside the box!

This lecture is for people who want to make a difference. People who are ready to take responsibility – for their own lives and their own businesses. This is a passionate, rousing plea for more commitment, courage and the desire to create something extraordinary.

Keynote Lecture # 2: Leadership with Startup Spirit

Motivating. Moving. This is how leadership works today!

You want more innovation for your company? You want to be more agile and more customer-centric? Then it’s time to unlock the full potential of your employees and rekindle your entrepreneurial spirit. Mastering this kind of change requires one thing in particular: Leadership! At all levels of the company and regardless of the title on the business card.

This lecture shows in a thrilling way how you can finally motivate your employees to more personal responsibility, courage and commitment. It is equally popular with young high potentials and experienced executives – from team leaders to the top management.

Keynote Lecture # 3: Success factor Digital Generation

Attract, retain (!) and motivate employees to excellence

Why are some companies successful, but still unattractive as employers? Are your young employees hard to motivate? Winning good trainees is even more difficult? Then this is your talk. It gives you deep insights about the young generation, what really motivates them and how companies can position themselves to attract and retain the best employees. It’s time to unlock the full potential of the digital generation!

This is a lecture with strong impulses for your daily business. It is aimed equally at large companies and medium-sized hidden champions who have understood that the next generation is the most important resource for a successful entrepreneurial future.

Keynote Lecture # 4: Digitisation without Bullshit Bingo

A clear guide to what needs doing, and the attitude we urgently require

Everyone is talking about digitisation. But only a few people have understood that there is an existential need for action. And what exactly needs to be done seems to be rather a closed book. Digitisation is not rocket science: it’s realistically feasible. For every company. What it takes, however, is the courage to question oneself – one’s business models, way of thinking and inner attitude. And it requires clear instructions on how digitisation can be implemented quickly and successfully.

In his presentation, Felix Plötz will show what needs to be done in order to successfully master digitisation within a company. He gives his listeners actionable impulses, inspiration and motivation – for lasting entrepreneurial success in the markets of tomorrow. Guaranteed 100% free from bullshit bingo.

You can not decide on a single lecture? No problem. All presentation topics can be easily combined. We are happy to discuss your individual ideas regarding topic, length of lecture and target group.