Circular Economy – Megatrend and necessity of our time

04. May 2023 – Premium Speakers

Conserving resources and making efficient use of our existing raw materials: Circular economy is considered the economic model of the future. This is because it helps companies to preserve values, use resources consciously and also increase profits.

Circular economy is becoming increasingly important, especially in the area of construction and sustainable use of resources.

Scarce, scarcer, resource scarcity

In the past, resources were considered to be infinite – however, effects such as climate change, environmental pollution or water scarcity paint a different picture.

The call for a responsible, sustainable and efficient use of our finite raw materials is becoming louder and louder. The circular economy can provide the right solutions.

After all, in resource-efficient and low-pollution production, secondary raw materials or renewable raw materials are used as far as possible, for example, in order to minimize the consumption of resources.

And time is pressing, because resources on our planet are becoming increasingly scarce!

How can circular economy promote resource conservation and increase value creation?

The principle of circular economy aims to conserve existing resources while increasing value creation. This is based on various starting points:

  • Point 1: Use renewable, recyclable and sustainable raw materials.
  • Point 2: Produce products based on recyclability.
  • Point 3: Reuse of products in the use phase.
  • Point 4: Reduction of leakage into natural systems.
  • Point 5: Second-life and closed- and open-loop approaches.
  • Point 6: Efficient recycling management.

Economic efficiency and responsibility in changing times

In view of the increasing scarcity of resources and the emergence of new megatrends, the industry is challenged: This is because individual sectors of our society are increasingly forcing a shift in thinking toward sustainable production, responsible recycling and disposal of goods, raw materials and products.

Whether in production or in construction: The construction industry in particular can become a big part of the global solution. How. Developments in various areas of the construction industry that are driving Circular Building hold promising, initial solutions.

From the construction to the demolition process, circular economy principles are increasingly being applied in the construction industry.

This is also because the pressure is increasing: trends such as more conscious consumer behavior, innovative technology and growing scarcity of resources demand holistic and solution-oriented processes.

Moving into a new era: pioneers of the circular economy

The circular economy concept offers numerous potentials and advantages. Particularly in the fight against climate change, it provides methods to counteract challenges posed by the throwaway society and environmental pollution from plastic and other products.

Pioneers of the circular economy are already developing strategies to act in ways that are both environmentally friendly and economically viable.

In exciting and informative keynotes, learn more about the innovative business and production models, which transformation processes are necessary and how companies can address the topic of circular economy for themselves in a future-oriented way.

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