Dr. Auma Obama receives German Speaker’s Award 2015

29. May 2015 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Just a month ago, Auma Obama was sitting in our little office garden in Frankfurt, Germany. The sun was shining and we talked about her work and how we could support her to accomplish her mission in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We met an unpretentious Lady who, looking at her work, did not seem to have a lot in common with her brother Barrack.

Politics – no thank you!

While her brother decided to become one of the most powerful politicians worldwide, she chose another path to change the world. She uses her work to speak about controversially discussed topics and to support a differential view on things. In her inspirational and stirring speeches, she for example addresses the topic of child labour and points out that there is more than one perspective to look at it. In some cases, children would, without child labour, never get even get close to an education at all. Auma Obama, and this is her powerful approach, leaves old cliches and Western thinking patterns behind and pleads for a new way of thinking.

Deutscher Rednerpreis 2015 for a visionary

For the first time in history, the name of the award winner of the “German Speaker’s Award” has been announced months before the gala takes place in 2015. Award winner Dr. Auma Obama follows outstanding personalities such as former German politician Hans-Dietrich Genscher, former regional bishop of the protestant church Margot Käßmann, Daimler AG CEO Dieter Zetsche, former German Federal President Roman Herzog and the Dalai Lama. GSA President Andreas Buhr puts it this way: “With her speeches on sustainability, social justice and self responsibility, Auma Obama not only reaches and touches her audience but also makes them rethink their own views. She inspires people around the Globe and inspired us in our choice for this year’s award winner.”

Helping people to help themselves

GSA Past-President and “Time Management-Pope” Dr. Lothar Seiwert, whom by the way can also be booked through Premium Speakers, is the initiator of the award and chairman of the committee. He added: “Dr. Auma Obama is a wonderful woman who raises her voice against old-fashioned views and opinions. With her foundation “Sauti Kuu – Strong Voices”, she stands up for the rights of disadvantaged teenagers to get the resources they need to discover their potential and to lead a fulfilling and successful life. She pleads for helping people to help themselves. She is our perfect choice.” We so agree with that and are proud to work for such an outstanding woman. The GSA Convention 2015 will take place from September 10th to 12th and Dr. Auma Obama will receive the award during the GSA ceremony in the Hotel Hilton Park in Munich on September 11th. More information about the event at: http://www.germanspeakers.org/convention

Please contact us to learn more about Dr. Auma Obama and her passion to change the world in her own way: auma.obama@premium-speakers.com.

Auma Obama

Expert for Leadership, Sustainability & Social Commitment