Corona – a way for new opportunities? Change management for a new world.

14. April 2020 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Matthias Horx is a German futurologist and since the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, he has been concerned with a future that he would never have expected. The pandemic is decommissioning the world. We are at a standstill.

It is phase 1 in change management: the phase of shock and confusion. What is going on here?

What does all this mean for me? What does it mean for the world? Right now, many people feel to be in a state of fear and shock, full of worries and fears. Perhaps it is good to know that this is part of the normal process flow in change management. Just as surely as the hands of a clock will continue to turn, regardless of what happens outside, both humans and companies are pretty certain to follow a certain behavior according to change management.

Phase 1 of the shock is followed by phase 2: the phase of insight. Aha, so that’s it, I can’t change it anyhow, so I’m slowly letting go, surrendering to what’s happening.

Phase 3 goes hand in hand with an initial openness, the momentum gets dynamic again. People and companies are starting to try new things and adapt to the new situation. It can be a very productive phase of creativity and new ideas.

Phase 4 finally brings knowledge and in phase 5 is the time for implementation and integration.

In the Gabler Business EncyclopediaOnline, change management is defined as “ongoing adaptation of corporate strategies and structures to changing framework conditions. Today, change no longer represents the special process in a company, but a frequently occurring rule. All processes of global change, whether through revolution or through planned evolution, are the responsibility of change management. ”

At the present time, one could speak of a kind of revolution. Some see the corona crisis as a revolution of nature against humans.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but in any case we are dealing with force majeure. “The Corona Virus shakes the foundations of our social and economic coexistence. And for an indefinite period of time, ”says a video on the German portal No one can say in advance what a “post corona scenario” could look like.

And exactly because of that it is time for the change now. A change that hopefully leads to a better world. A world in which people first think of our planet and community and humanity instead of pure economic profit. Change management can help to do things positively. Take the chance! Be the change you want to see in the world!

Matthias Horx

Futurist & Trendspotter