Daniel Stelter – The master of macroeconomics who is not afraid to put his finger on the wound

07. August 2023 – Katharina Schlangenotto

No one in the world of business and finance can get past the macro-economist, strategy consultant and book author Daniel Stelter. He is one of the exceptional personalities who leave a lasting mark on the industry with their expertise, inspiring visions and clear keynotes.

Daniel Stelter is one of the top economists of our time, time and again he gives interviews in daily newspapers and business magazines, because his opinion interests the economic and financial world. Daniel Stelter is a man who can exert influence.

He recently sat in on Maybrit Illner’s talk show “ZDF heute” in Germany and talked about inflation, which experts say is the biggest current concern after climate change. When asked if and what the German government could do to counteract it, Daniel Stelter replied, “First of all, I would like to emphasize that any inflation is antisocial, it always affects the lower income brackets. And yes, that’s why something has to be done about it. But we have a completely different problem. After all, we’re not getting poorer now, we’ve been getting poorer for a while and just haven’t noticed it.”

Why is that? If we don’t have productivity gains, then the pie doesn’t grow

The top economist also explains this vividly: “We did experience an upswing until Corona, but this upswing was not driven by more productivity. So, we didn’t generate more, we employed more people. And if there are no productivity gains, then the pie doesn’t grow. And if the cake doesn’t grow, it’s not so easy to distribute it. This means that distribution conflicts will increase massively. In other words, the real answer that policymakers need to give is: How do we manage to move our country forward again?”

Daniel Stelter speaks openly about what reality is. Not everyone likes to hear that. For example, all the data showed that Germany had been driven to wear and tear for 20 years, investments were lacking, both public and private, and Germany’s capital stock, i.e. an infrastructure such as roads, buildings, telephone networks, but also machinery and equipment, was more obsolete than in any other comparable country. Germany would now be behind Italy, France or Belgium and Great Britain. In the opinion of economic expert Stelter, this should be the basis on which discussions could take place at all.

So instead of subsidizing foreign companies to the tune of billions, the government should rather see to it that roads and schools are repaired.

Daniel Stelter: “You can’t subsidize inflation away.”

The management and strategy consultant is convinced that prosperity cannot be subsidized to or inflation subsidized away. Impossible, he says, simply because it cannot be paid for.

Daniel Stelter speaks clear words that politicians do not always like. As an economic expert, he advises international companies and investors on the challenges of constantly changing global markets.

He also founded the Forum “eyond the obvious”, which specializes in strategy and macroeconomics, subtitle: “The independent voice on economic finance.”
Here, he speaks in a podcast about current challenges in the economic and financial world, publishes expert articles and writes a column in which he expresses his opinion about the important issues in the financial world.

Talking turkey- Daniel Stelter can’t do it any other way

Daniel Stelter is known for sticking his finger rather mercilessly into the gaping wound. In other words, he talks straight.

His lectures are about CORONOMICS or “Time for the economic emergency plan”. He de-romanticizes the “fairy tale of the rich country” and talks openly about inflation, debt and the economic crisis. He explains why the middle class is shrinking despite the savings stocking, talks about the trade wars and the economic future of Germany and Europe.

Daniel Stelter does not shy away from controversial topics. Time and again, he takes a critical look at common thought patterns. His clear analyses are thought-provoking and encourage people to think outside the box.

As a visionary and long-term thinking expert, the top economist not only points out current trends, but also outlines future developments and challenges. His inspiring keynotes have been proven to help companies respond to change early on and set a strategic course. Afterwards, simply carrying on as before is difficult.

Dr. Daniel Stelter

Macro Economist, Author, Expert on Economics & Finance