Tina Teucher: When we shift our focus, we change our future prospects

03. July 2023 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Tina Teucher is an expert in sustainable business, CSR & megatrends. She is passionate about helping companies and organizations on their path to positive change for the future.

In a time of change and the growing importance of sustainability and social responsibility, inspiring keynote speakers are in demand to accompany companies and organizations on their path to positive change. One such outstanding personality is Tina Teucher, an expert in sustainable business, CSR and megatrends. Through her captivating speeches and transformative work, she leads a lasting contribution to the advancement of a more responsible business world.

Tina Teucher is a proponent of the idea that sustainable business is the key to a sustainable and successful business world. She emphasizes that companies that actively promote sustainability and social responsibility can be more successful in the long run. By addressing environmental and social issues, she says, companies can improve their risk management, reduce costs and develop innovative solutions.

Whether the future will be good depends on two factors: First, our own attitude and focus. And second: our actions, our actions. The magical realization: what I do makes a difference,” says Tina Teucher.  The former managing editor of the German decision-maker magazine “forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften” explains why attitude and focus in particular are so important, because “if we focus on everything being good, everything will be good.”

Thus, there would be two scenarios when looking into the future: Scenario A: Since the year 2000, the number of people in the world living in extreme poverty has halved. Two million more people than in 1999 now have access to clean drinking water. This is positive and gives cause for optimism.

Scenario B: We lose 15 million trees every year through deforestation or burning, we have more and more floods, more and more droughts, resulting in other natural disasters, and this drives people who can’t swim to get into an inflatable boat in search of a better world. The bottom line is that our world is going down the drain.

But which is the truth? Tina Teucher has a clear message on that topic: It depends on each and every individual how the future develops. And for that, we need to realize that we as people and companies have to learn to look at our own noses.

Tina Teucher: “Take responsibility!”

Because the second aspect that fundamentally influences our future is as simple as it is difficult: it is our own actions.

“Never have we had so many opportunities to shape the future as we do today, never have we had such an impact on our planet. And yet we are the generation that has the potential to destroy this planet. In other words: We ourselves are responsible for the way our future will look,” says Tina Teucher, who is tirelessly committed to helping companies and organizations on their path to positive change.

On the path to holistic business change

She is always concerned with the holistic approach that sustainable business needs. On her website she writes: “A “valuable” brand attracts and retains: Talents, partners and, above all, customers. Because long-term thinking and lasting success are directly linked. What makes companies with an ecological focus so attractive? What specific decisions need to be taken when developing a green strategy – and what traps are better avoided? And above all: How do the pioneers do it? An impulse lecture with numerous practical examples from DAX corporations such as BMW to the 50-strong family business.”

As a keynote speaker, she focuses on the opportunities created by acting responsibly and encourages her audience to make bold decisions and develop innovative solutions.

Meaning, green innovation and long-term success for the corporate world of the future

In her presentations, Tina Teucher talks about why green businesses are booming, how talent, motivation and sustainability can be fostered through meaning-foundation, about megatrends and sustainability of tomorrow, or why an economic transformation inspired by nature is urgently needed.

She inspires people and organizations in her keynotes with a keen eye for the big picture. With real-world examples, facts and strategies, she ensures the transformation of the working world, in which sustainable positive business can be achieved with meaning, green innovation and long-term success.

Request Tina Teucher for presentations: +1 (704) 804 1054 or tina.teucher@premium-speakers.com

Tina Teucher

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