David Gething – the man who just does it. Wobbly or fit for a marathon?

23. June 2015 – Katharina Schlangenotto

David Gething did not always look like he does today and for sure his blood lipid values didn’t either. Not to talk about his once very poor physical fitness. A few years ago, he was chain-smoking, did practically no exercise at all and felt quite sorry for himself. Until the day when his wife gave him a quite intense lecture about role models in families and if this was what he wanted to be. He began to change his life completely. Just like that.

The will to do

There he comes, an agile, fit and well trained fellow smiling at the audience from stage. It is quite hard to imagine that he used to be highly overweight. There is nothing left of that era of his life and next he shares, that his next goal is not only to run the marathon in the Antarctic but to set a new world record for the fastest ever run marathon in the eternal ice. Welcome to David’s world!

Veterinary surgeon, extreme athlete, author. Any more questions?

After the life-changing chat with his wife – well, might have been more like a monologue from her side – something in David’s head “clicked” and he was able to turn his life into a balance between job, family and sports. Maybe with a slight tendency to sports, but this again is a very subjective evaluation. David, who is born in Australia, is a Hong Kong resident today and ownsone of the largest private practice groups there. Along the way, as it seems, he runs a few marathons and sets some new world records. Is it really as simpleas that?

Goals, focus and naysayers

There are so many naysayers out in this world, David says from his own experience. This is impossible, you will never make it, how do you thing this is gonna work out – he has heard it all. Did he care? No! Because he had a clear goal and believed in himself. And finally he did what so many others thought to be impossible to do. He made his way despite all obstacles and knows the techniques how anyone can achieve the same. Well, the goal, of course, doesn’t have to as big as to run the Ironman. But it could.

On stage, he talks about following and achieving goals, about collaboration, determination, spirited focus, overcoming obstacles how to build a team, and how to work with competitors. It is about motivation, sports, health and leadership.

Learn from someone who has been through it all. And who believes that anyone can achieve the same. We are happy to tell you more about David: david.gething@premium-speakers.com.

David Gething

Doctor, Author & Extreme Sportsman - Winner World Marathon Challenge