Daniela Landgraf is presenter, keynote speaker and author. She specializes in the themes of mental strength and self-worth as a result of her own life story.

She has gone through the “self-worth hell” because of her Tourette Syndrome and knows from her own experience how much self-doubt and inferiority complexes can stand in the way of happiness in life, even though the external successes seem to speak a different language. Success and money were there, but the feeling of happiness was not there. She continued in search of happiness, until she had a complete health breakdown.

Her personal life journey led her through ups and downs, from professional successes to health challenges. Their handling of Tourette’s syndrome and overcoming self-doubt and inferiority complexes have become cornerstones of their message.

“Your enjoyment of life increases when self-doubt decreases.”

She is passionate about issues such as mental strength, self-worth, resilience and finance. As the author of numerous books on these key topics, she not only conveys knowledge, but also a profound connection to her audience.

Daniela Landgraf lecture topics

  • Self-worth is money worth. The best stock is yourself.

In a world where self-confidence and self-confidence play a major role in business success, everythingrevolves around an invaluable currency: self-worth. But what exactly is behind this often underestimated asset?

In her inspiring and motivating keynote, Daniela Landgraf sheds light on the very different facets of this topic.

  • Out of the hamster wheel of emotions

If you go through life with a lot of self-confidence and have your emotions firmly under control with the help of inner strength, you have a happy future ahead. But it isoften not that simple. In this keynote, Daniela Landgraf gives numerous examples and suggestions of how everyone can manage to get their emotions under control and escape the cycle of emotions through inner strength.

Further lecture topics

  • Strong employees: Tuning for the team
  • Mental strength gains
  • It´s never too late for stress management
  • Increasing self-esteem: Because women are worth more
  • Equine assisted training and coaching: What teams and leaders can learn from horses.
  • Living and working in a camper van – a life as a digital nomad.

Daniela Landgraf stands on stage despite her personal challenges and inspires others to find their inner strength and discover happiness in themselves. “A real power package” is a title that has already been given to her several times by organizers.

She originally comes from the financial industry and was loyal to it for 25 years – as a consultant, sales manager, lecturer, trainer, coach and as an auditor for final examination in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She has many qualifications, finance specialist (IHK), business economist, personal coach (IHK), train the trainer (IHK), curative practitioner for psychotherapy, professional speaker GSA (SHB) and many others.

Her message to others: “You are WONDER-ful the way you are – Simply full of wonder. Believe in yourself.”

Daniela Landgraf presenter

As a presenter, she helps to make your event a successful one. Whether it is a question of introductions, panel discussions or gala evenings, Daniela Landgraf is available to you for all these formats – whether in presence, virtually or in a hybrid environment. Thanks to her many years of experience in the financial sector, where she worked as a sales representative, trainer and coach for 25 years, she has a special affinity for financial and business topics as well as events in this area. These include, for example, annual kick-off or year-end events, sales conferences and similar events.