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23. July 2019 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Born in Germany, he initially decided to follow a more conservative path after graduating from secondary school and did apprenticships in electrical and mechanical engineering. Because he quickly turned out to be an all-rounder in sports, he soon played for Olympia Laxten table tennis in the regional team and Oldenburg squash in the German Bundesliga. In 1987, he narrowly failed at the European Championship qualifier in kickboxing.

By now, Dieter Grabbe has written several books and developed his own fitness method. It is called „ballooning“ and has proven to be a great way to get in shape quickly with short workouts with the support of a rubber ball.

Dieter Grabbe is a big fan of little effort. His mission is to motivate people to get in motion possibly daily with comparably little effort but huge effects.

For example he expains a simple daily routine: “When you work at the desk just get up and take a few steps! Even while on the phone, try to keep moving, walk around, stand up. When you go shopping, take the bike or walk. Leave your car behind as often as possible. Make it a habit to use the stairs instead of the escalator.”

The German sportsman by heart explains that the less you move your body, the more tense your muscles will get. Therefore, he recommends to stretch and shake the body as often as possible. Dieter Grabbe also advises to use housework to train your body. Taking a look at the well-trained man, vacuuming, ironing or cleaning the bathroom immediately appears a lot more sexy.

If everyday life does not allow time-consuming training, Dieter Grabbe suggests his so-called “daily movements”

For Dieter Grabbe, a full schedule is certainly no excuse. He explains: “Already 10 to 30 minutes of daily exercise help the body to become stronger, fitter and more relaxed.” If everyday life does not allow time-consuming training, he suggests his so-called “daily movements”. „It is easy to integrate short exercises into your life and you will soon realize how much they increase your well-being“, he promises. The key words certainly are continuancy and regularity.

For those who want to loose some kilos, Dieter Grabbe advises: “Juist remember: calories are burned from the first minute, every movement is better than no movement.” And of course the big topic of nutrition plays a major role in his concept. But: “Despite all nutritional principles – it may also be nibbled. After all, sweets, especially chocolates, contain endorphins. If you are predominantly conscious with your daily routines and prefer low-fat and low sugar options, chocolate is allowed. But please: only as long as it is consumed in moderation.” Dieter Grabbe easy tip to lose weight is as simple as this: burn more calories than you consume and take it slowly. In the end, the secret is the overall balance.

Dieter Grabbe is an excellent motivator and knows how to engage his crowd. In his lectures as premium speaker he talks about the health system, cycling, sports training in general and stress management. Dieter Grabbe speaks in German. More information and booking under

Dieter Grabbe

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