Germany's leading fitness & health expert

Health is our most important asset. Cultivating this value and constantly raising awareness is the central theme of Dieter Grabbe’s work. With his INSTITUT for fitness & health (since 2009 in Prien am Chiemsee), he has been pursuing this goal in new and unusual ways for more than two decades. In doing so, he places the highest demands on his work and sets standards and trends. In exciting lectures, seminars and as a corporate coach, he passes on his knowledge and experience.

He was one of the first to show with his concepts that it can be done without a gym. Targeted and healthy exercise and health programs are possible everywhere in our everyday lives, his message goes. Simple and effective, they need to be and take little time. But above all, create Fun and desire for more. Setting an initial ignition, Grabbe calls this process: often one of his effective exercises is enough, which are easy to perform in order to train on motivation and on a regular basis.

Dieter Grabbe professional career has taken him through many areas of the fitness and healthcare industry and gained important experience.

From competitive athlete to celebrity personal trainer, to well-known and sought-after author (17 Books) for fitness, nutrition, and HEALTH concepts as well as tv coach with own series on ZDF, ProSieben, Focus Health and N24. He is one of the TOP speakers and corporate coaches when it comes to positively accompanying the consciousness of everyone with sustainable Impulses in order to remain more successful and efficient.
In this way, it is possible to certify that he is leading the way in the field of health, because he is constantly breaking new ground in the health market, which is developing into an important sector of the economy, and the pressing question that is moving to us all:

How can we be healthier and more so. Stay more powerful.

Dieter Grabbe’s answer is: reach and motivate as many people as possible with simple, everyday concepts.

And here, too, he is breaking new ground: for the first time, he developed the sustainable health program for the holiday for one of the largest german Travel Companies Neckermann and Thomas COOK. Worldwide in 40 hotel complexes, holidaymakers can attend up to 5 courses and 2 lectures daily on health, recreation, nutrition and exercise, along with their own daily fresh healthy & happy buffet. The focus is on fun, simplicity and sustainability.
Grabbe cooperates with Nintendo and Wii Fit and uses the Internet With so-called Web episodes to give Wii Fit users Additional Answers on current Health Issues.

With Club Bertelsmann he has launched an Initiative called ‘ Better Life Every Day ‘. At this club, he shows how easy it is to increase health and recover sustainably through targeted exercise and better nutrition.

He also uses classical media and provides his services in the pharmacies magazine PTA, Bild am Sonntag or in promotions for Hermes medicines.

Since the beginning of 2014, Dieter Grabbe has been concentrating more In the direction of the CHINESE market and since then has been supervising some members of the OCT Club in Shenzhen, including some ministers, governor, and other TOP entrepreneurs. He oversees a 6-member tennis professional team (Beijing, Yantai and Shenzhen) and, since the end of 2015, also the volleyball national team. He will then make his contribution to the world’s largest sport and performance academy in Shenzhen at the end of 2016.

Lectures by Dieter Grabbe

1. Have a break mit BallOOning and the DIDIballoon

The ultimate energy boost during a meeting, convention, goups or companies. In 10-15 minute sessions, Dieter Grabbe lets the participants do exercises with the DIDIballoon that have it all. Not sweaty, but a balanced mix of tension and relaxation that can be done in any outfit and any place. The entire musculoskeletal system is revitalized by targeted strengthening exercises and the participants go fit and focused in the next round. With BallOOning, Dieter Grabbe shows each participant what 30 seconds of practice can do – with the WOW-Effekt guarantee!

2. An experience lecture of a special kind!

The participants experience the importance of movement for body, mind and our emotional world, which are interrupted by simple and at the same time very effective exercises, relaxation phases and tips on the topic of nutrition (including live tasting).

From this lecture one goes refuelled with a lot of power and the knowledge of how movement can be integrated into one’s own daily routine in order to master the demands of everyday life in a more balanced, efficient and motivated way.
With his initial igniting, dieter performs in the truest sense of true miracles ‘, which remain permanently anchored in the subconscious.

Dieter Grabbe attention in all his lectures and coaching lies in mindfulness with what you do and how to do it.

“Communication is the key to success”! Whether exercise, diet, emotions or everyday behavioural patterns, everything is a matter of communication-let’s deviate just a little from the balance of negative information, also medically considered diseases or imbalances that give us again, strain. Every piece of information is a form of communication that can be reprogrammed by information. Reprogramming the information, through simple, functional and above all sustainable concepts, is Dieter Grabbe’s vocation.

In addition to a ‘ moving ‘ multimedia lecture, Dieter Grabbe also presents simple and effective exercises from his successful training concept ballooning with the DIDIballoon ©. A concept that impresses with its simplicity and whose lasting effect the participants immediately feel.
They learn the comprehensive influence of movement on our ives: From cell movement to our feelings and senses.

Highlight: SOUL FOOD CHIEMSEE – intelligently enjoy.

Dieter Grabbe presents his extensive knowledge and experience on nutrition with his newly developed concept “Soul Food Chiemsee – enjoy intelligently” in the form of a live event. On a long table, Dieter Grabbe, starting from breakfast, through noon, to meals in between, sets up exciting food through to the evening. He impressively explains when, why and how to install these energy suppliers in everyday life. All these exciting Foods serve only one purpose, not to burden but relieve the burden, energy at the highest level. All from the point of view, “easy, quick to prepare, and effective in its effect.” Experience minute dishes live and try immediately. Example: the cutest praline that doesn’t attack insulin levels and gives pure energy for the day!

A Lecture-or rather-an experience of a special kind that moves the participants in the truest sense of the word.