Expert Monika Matschnig – number one speaker on body language and personal impact

13. September 2016 – Katharina Schlangenotto

180 cm tall and a ball of energy, humour and brilliance. In seconds, she connects with everyone in the room, no matter how many people there are. Speaker Monika Matschnig is a psychologist and pretty obviously a true expert for body language and impact. When she was 16, she saw a famous body language expert on stage and the art of expressing things just through body language fascinated her. It was then when she fell for the subject. She has found out that success in communication is impossible without the right body language. Her message is this: self-presentation is important in everyday life in order to succeed! And the way she gets it across is simply thrilling and very entertaining.

Impact. Always. Everywhere.

There is no way of not communicating to one another. This is why it is so important to know about the impression we leave – and even better to be able to decode the messages of others. What does a certain arm position express? Which impact does it make to purse one’s lips, to raise an eyebrow or to scrunch up one’s nose? Even micro gestures are supposed to give some indication about true feelings and thoughts. A feeling of reliability and authenticity can only occur if the non-verbal signals match with what is said on a verbal level. Sounds scary? Only if we are unaware of it. The good news is: everyone can learn to read body language.

The body talks – always!

Body language, explains Expert Monika Matschnig, plays a mayjor role in communication. No matter if we are faced with business negotiations, sales or buying, in a job interview or meeting a friend. Gestures and facial expression are at least as important as the subject of a conversation. When talking to someone, we always perceive the whole person and do not just hear the words. Unconsciously, we are checking out constantly if what we hear fits to what we see. If that is not the case, we are left with a feeling of inconsistancy.

The art of reading body language

The art of reading body language and decoding gestures needs some practice. Monika Matschnig knows exactly how to start one off. She is not a fan of teacher centered trainings and, on the contrary, involves everyone with entertaining real-life-stories and practices. It’s fun to be around this power lady and to be part of her performance on stage. She makes us laugh and clap and of course communicate all the time. At the end you find yourself quite astonished about the fact that time passed by so fast. Also, all the sudden it is impossible not to be more aware of one’s own and other people’s body language. That is the first step to a successful communication, shouts Monika Matschnig energetically and adds that we should never forget the fun and enthusiasm in talking to each other. Just magically, conversations would then suddenly turn into most interesting and successful talks. Sounds great and we can’t wait to go out there and practice. A big portion of her enthusiasm has infected us all.

She certainly got what she deserved when she was appointed to be among the “Top 100 Excellent Speakers”.

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