Expert for Body language, Impact competence & Performance

Monika Matschnig is the most successful expert for body language, impact competence & performance in the German-speaking world. In 2023, she was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the GSA – German Speaker Association.

Sometimes Focus calls her “Germany’s No. 1 body language expert”. Sometimes she wins the most coveted speaker awards. Sometimes she shows profile in broadcasts of ARD, RTL or Pro7. Monika Matschnig’s success has many facets. Her versatility is impressive: she is a keynote speaker, book author, consultant, guest speaker and coach. She inspires thousands of people every year with her lectures and seminars, and her books are bestsellers. As a graduate psychologist specializing in personality, work and organizational psychology, and as a trained trainer for adult education, she impresses with her broad specialist knowledge and clever didactics. For more than ten years she has been passing on her know-how to managers, executives and their employees, politicians and private individuals.

Monika Matschnig inspires with these lecture topics

  • Body language: Effect. Always. Everywhere.
    Let your performance become visible!
  • Leading means making an impact
    Move and inspire your team with persuasive power
  • Power gestures for more success
    Touch and win people over in conversations and presentations
  • Meaning. Recognise. Live.
    The positive power of thoughts
  • Impact and body language in the digital world
    Be convincing in video conferences, videos and live broadcasts

Effect. Always. Everywhere. That is her promise. Monika Matschnig used to play on the Austrian national volleyball team. At that time she realized: If you want to win, you have to harmonize inner attitude and physical expression. You have to radiate self-confidence, correctly assess your opponent, and send the right signals at the right moment. All of this is important. In sports, but also in professional and private life. These insights still shape Monika Matschnig’s work today. She loves to jump on stage and inspire other people with her philosophy of success. Her energy is infectious. In seminars and coaching sessions, she shows herself to be a brilliant analyst and consultant. She recognizes quickly where things are going wrong. And how performance can be improved with just a few tricks.

Body language – telltale gestures & effective signals

Her clients include national and international companies. She lectures at several universities, has received the Conga Award several times and is a holder of the and Quality Expert seals of quality and is one of the ‘TOP 100 Excellent Speakers’. Monika Matschnig is quoted again and again, writes topical articles and is a successful book author.

In her seminars and coaching sessions, she lures participants out of their shells and manages to make everyone shine with their body language. With her interactive, humorous presentations, Monika Matschnig enriches customer or employee events, kick-offs, congresses, events, symposia and other conferences. As an international speaker she inspires small groups as well as large halls and scores points with her lively presentation style and her profound expert knowledge.

Full impact. Full inspiration. Full motivation.

With a presentation by Monika Matschnig, customer and employee events, kick-off events, management and sales meetings, annual conferences, congresses, seminars and workshops become an experience. Lecture times from 30 to 120 minutes or more. Whether large or small stage – choose from a variety of presentations that are specially adapted to your company, your target group and the occasion. Professional support before and after the event is a matter of course. And always included: full passion, inspiring esprit and direct reference to practice.

The audience is amazed by valuable impulses and many AHA effects that motivate them to question and optimize their own behavior.