Extrem-cyclist and pioneer Monika Sattler: Push your boundaries!

02. May 2024 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Monika Sattler is making a remarkable impression in the world of cycling and beyond. With her career in extreme cycling and as an inspiring pioneering and adventurer, she now inspires thousands of people as a successful keynote speaker.

Her story is not only one of extraordinary sporting achievements, but also of significant personal challenges and successes.

She was asked by the women’s magazine “Freundin” how she manages to turn resolutions into reality. Her simple answer:

“The main problem is often that our resolutions don’t really correspond to our innermost desires.” Monika Sattler

Many people set themselves the goal of being more active because they see their friends exercising regularly. But that doesn’t mean that exercising meets their personal needs.

Monika Sattler seems to achieve her goals effortlessly. But what seems so easy is hard work. She herself works with mental work and advises: “Imagine what you would gain by achieving your goal and write down every little thing. Instead of just noting that you want to feel better, specify that you want to have more stamina or be more flexible, for example.”

When it comes to implementation, it is more effective to consistently take small steps instead of sporadically taking big leaps. Developing a routine is crucial, as is setting realistic goals.

“Avoid plans that don’t fit in with your previous habits – a morning grouch shouldn’t start with a morning jog, for example.”

She herself had fewer problems motivating herself. Monika Sattler discovered her passion for cycling at an early age. But her path to professional cycling was anything but direct. Originally anchored in an academic career, she decided to make a radical change after successfully completing her studies and gaining her first professional experience:

To test limits and prove herself in extreme sports. This decision marked the beginning of a fascinating journey.

Monika Sattler has achieved impressive successes in her career, including setting records and taking part in some of the toughest cycling races in the world. The former professional road cyclist was constantly on the lookout for new challenges. In 2018, she became the first woman to ride the 3,300-kilometre Vuelta-a-España route on the same day as the male pros. She still holds this record today. After numerous gravel races in the USA, she also tackled a crossing of the Alps on the popular all-rounder bike.

Monika Sattler can exceed physical and mental limits, which has not only earned her recognition in cycling, but also records. However, her journey has not been without setbacks; there have been injuries and failures, but these have not stopped her from continuing. On the contrary, they have served as learning opportunities and motivation for her to come back stronger.

Monika Sattler manages to stay focused under the most extreme conditions and not lose sight of her goal.

Today, she is committed to motivating others to set and pursue their own goals.

Through workshops, lectures and her active involvement in social media, she inspires women in particular to take on challenges that they thought were impossible.

In addition to her sporting career, Monika Sattler has since established herself as a sought-after keynote speaker. She shares her stories and insights and shows how the principles of endurance sports can be applied to everyday situations and personal and professional challenges.

The extreme sportswoman and adventurer’s talks are characterized by her firm belief that mental strength and resilience can be trained and that everyone has the potential to push their own limits.

Breaking new ground with passion, dedication and courage

Monika Sattler’s path inspires people to leave the beaten track through passion, dedication and courage to achieve extraordinary results. She is a true role model and a driving force to show that the impossible is possible.

In her talks, she talks about the races she has competed in and won and the skills that have accompanied her on her own journey. According to Monika Sattler, “completely normal” people can also train and adopt these skills for themselves. Here too, as in sport, training is everything.

Monika Sattler is fascinating because she has an indefatigable “will to win”. She overcomes boundaries seemingly effortlessly, and in her talks, she encourages people to leave their comfort zone to grow and, through this growth, become more courageous and strengthen their confidence in themselves.

Mindset, she says, is the key to everything. With a strong mindset, anyone and everyone can manage to overcome boundaries.

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Monika Sattler

Professional Cyclist, World Record Holder, TEDx Speaker & Author