Generation Change from GEN Y to GEN Z

26. April 2023 – Premium Speakers

Time for the generation change! In many companies, the time of change is beginning – baby boomers, Generation X, Y and also Generation Z are now coming together in the working world.

In the meantime, up to four generations with different values and expectations are working together. While some generations, such as baby boomers and Gen X, have already established themselves in professional life with their many years of experience, the young are entering the labour market with a desire for change.

Increasingly, different zeitgeists are coming together. In order to successfully manage the generational change in your company, you should make sure that you know the needs and expectations of your employees.

Generation change and the new demands on the labour market

Generation Z is said to have a lot of things going for it: they don’t want to show commitment or are looking for meaning in their job. They want more free time, they say. Money and status are no longer as important as they were for other generations.

Of course, the expectations and demands on professional life have changed with the shift and change of generations. This also poses new challenges for the management in companies, because they are responsible for actively shaping the change.

It needs …

  • … transparent communication at all levels.
  • … the understanding to see and respect the needs of all.
  • … an open corporate culture that is actively developed and lived.
  • … a common identity.
  • … the exchange between the generations.

How are Generation Y and Z changing the world of work?

Gen Z brings entirely new prerequisites to the world of work: digital skills, primarily social motives and the desire for individuality are just a few examples!

While Gen Y is already sometimes referred to as a “digital native”, this applies to a much greater extent to Generation Z. Digital processes, flexible working time models and flat hierarchies are therefore natural expectations.

What does Generation Z want from an employer?

Many potential employers are concerned about what makes Generation Z tick. The call for honesty and open communication, a fair salary and openness to new ideas and concepts comes up again and again.

It will be decisive how companies react to the expectations and wishes of the upcoming generation and do not lose sight of the needs and ideas of the older generations. Smart managers who are attentive to the economic and social aspects of the corporate world are in demand.

Generations in the change of time

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