Gerd Wirtz – Empathic, confident, visionary & relaxed

30. October 2020 – Oliver Stoldt

Gerd Wirtz – The list of positive adjectives with which the visionary speaker, moderator, trainer, coach and expert for ‘true communication’ and healthcare Dr. Gerd Wirtz is described by his enthusiastic audience just doesn’t stop. People who attended events with him describe the brown-eyed, dynamic and charming man with his silver-grey hair as emphatic, confident, relaxed, inspiring, authentic, humorous, professional, flexible, captivating, exciting and many more lovely words.

Dr. Gerd Wirtz has Italian roots and also a scientific education. Which, as he himself assumes, helps him today to convey complex contents clearly and with ease. He studied biology, chemistry, geography and business administration and also received a doctorate in neurophysiology.

Since his youth, Wirtz has been interested in communication and how it is able to inspire people and create connections when used well. This requires an honest and open manner as well as this rare ability to always find the right words, especially when it comes to supposedly difficult or tough topics. Gerd Wirtz masters his subject really well. His listeners always go into raptures, as the long list of enthusiastic references proves.

Gerd Wirtz – KeynoteSpeaker & HealthCare Futurist

Gerd Wirtz about Gerd Wirtz “It is my personal concern to support people in increasing their communicative impact and to convince others with their ideas, plans and strategies. He moderates events as well as processes, advises and trains, or gives exciting impulse lectures, preferably on the topics of digitization and the use of artificial intelligence, especially in medicine. “As a moderator, I am your friend and confidant, who will confidently support you in front of a large audience. I also see myself as a friend of the auditorium. A good moderator succeeds in conducting the discussions in such a way that a relationship of trust can be established on both sides. This is the only way to transport your message, your vision, your goal into the auditorium.”

In his own lectures, he has focused on the topics of digitization in healthcare, digital medicine, living healthier for longer, human medicine and preventive medicine.

In an interview about the possibilities of telemedicine with the German Online TV format “Health TV”, he recently spoke as healthcare expert about his conviction that digitization could make patient care not only easier and more continuous, but also more humane. Thus, he also sees the current pandemic not only as a bad thing, but, as in the case of telemedicine, as a thoroughly positive turnaround in medicine. With telemedicine, he believes, doctors could care for their patients much more intensively.

The visionary Gerd Wirtz is, whether in his own lectures as a rousing expert and keynote speaker or as a moderator for your event, a guarantee for the success of your (online) event.

Dr. Gerd Wirtz

Neurophysiologist, Expert on Digital HealthCare & Future of Medicine