Gregor Gysi – How do you actually address Mrs. Merkel? Maik Weiss meets Premium Speaker Gregor Gysi.

02. February 2016 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Gregor Gysi’s is going to talk about the world problems – from Syria to Switzerland. Switzerland? Yes, Switzerland. He took the train to Interlaken und there was a power outage, he recounts. Consequently, the train arrived with a big delay. Just ten years ago such an incident would have been unthinkable to happen in Switzerland. But since Switzerland voted the right party, a lot had changed, he adds with a wink. Laughter in the room. Gysi knows how to attract his audience as he is not only a brilliant speaker but also a humorous entertainer who, on top of it all, also has something to say.

Winning is over – for some Nations

In 1990, world order changed tremendously. However, some countries failed to accept that winning has come to an end. They keep acting like nothing happened. It seems to him that international law is no longer considered to be necessary as constantly, there are violations of the international law. “There is no functioning world order anymore,” Gysi says . And he continues that it is the financial system ruling the world today – and not politics. He his fed up with the fact that the US keeps on playing world master and that, taking the example of the spying affair, Germany doesn’t dare to contradict.

Relations with Russia

Another issue that troubles him is the relationship with Russia which needed to be changed in order to live a save life in Europe in the future. He quotes some facts: since 2008, the number of billionaires has doubled worldwide. Today, the 62 richest people in the world possess as much as half the world’s population. In some years, the 40 richest people would own as much as half the world’s population. Alarming? Yes.

Digitization: welcome to a small world

By digitizing the world, people in Africa and around the globe know exactly how people in Europe live. And of course, they want a life like that as well. The world has become much smaller. Germany and the EU had managed to denounce the solidarity with Greece which in Gysi’s view was a huge mistake. He fears that it will lead to a lack of solidarity in the EU.

Chalk and cheese: Putin and Obama

Gysi also mentions the conflict between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. He describes Putin as ” Tiger Ringer “, the total opposite of Barack Obama. If they had to talk to each other for only 90 minutes it would be a torture for both of them. Putin considered Obama to be a low card. He also talks about the danger of open borders in Turkey – the entrance for the IS to Europe. He therefore pleads to seek dialogue with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Furthermore, there should be a secure Israel and a secure Palestine, although the continued settlements in Israel would speak a different language. The refugees who seek asylum in Europe make ​​it very clear, reminds Gysi. It would be absolutely essential to solve the world problems and social injustice. Now. Otherwise, the number of refugees – who actually wanted to stay in their home countries – would continue to increase.

Gregor Gysi’s wisdom

He concludes with a personal wisdom inherited from his mother: She told him of her idea of a great and a terrible Europe: in a great Europe, the organization and planning would be done by the Germans, the police would be from the UK, the cuisine from Italy, love from France and art from Switzerland. In a terrible Europe, the police would be from Germany, Italy would take care oft he the organization and planning, the kitchen would be managed by the British, France would be responsible for technology and love would come from Switzerland. The audience bursted out laughing.

In an interview with German TV host Stefan Klapproth, Gysi finally reveals the secret of how he addresses German chancellor Angela Merkel : ” For God’s sake, of course I address her formally. Except, after we gave each other a Brotherhood Kiss.” Laughter again

Did Gysi talk peoples’ ears off? No, not at all. But there is no doubt that he easily could.If you want to learn more about German politician and outstanding Speaker Gregor Gysi on stage, please send an email to:

Gregor Gysi

Member of the German Parliament, Political Leader of the Party "DIE LINKE"