Holger Stromberg: Everyone can do something for a better world – with the food of the future.

07. October 2022 – Katharina Schlangenotto

The claim of the Holger Stromberg, who grew up in the small town of Münster, Germany, is not exactly low. Formerly Germany’s youngest chef with a Michelin star, when he was just 23 years old, he pleads for “more joy in eating, healthy enjoyment – and a better world.” Everyone can help improve the world. An easy start is to decide about the food we consume because it has a huge impact on the environmental balance. Those who buy regionally and largely avoid meat do a lot for the CO2 footprint.

Through a conscious diet, which is in the hands of each of us, the world can become a better place. His latest book is simply called “Cooking of the Future.” In the subtitle, he adds, “Cook sustainably, enjoy healthily, waste nothing.” A huge topic of our time, in which humanity is for the first time non-deniably called upon to think seriously about consumer behavior on a collective and global level.

At the end of the 1990s, the former star chef and peaceful food activist Holger Stromberg belonged to the “Junge Wilden” (Young Wild Ones), an association of (up-and-coming) chefs who wanted and still want to excite people about cooking and at the same time improve the profession of cooking in society. Also, the aim was and still is to bring young, fresh, avant-garde cooking concepts into the world, concepts, that can also be implemented by non-star chefs.

Holger Stromberg: Starting with the children, because they are the future

One of author Stromberg’s first books was aimed at parents and highlighted how a healthy diet based on fruits and vegetables can work better in everyday family life. After all, everything starts with the children, they are the future, and it has been proven that eating habits and eating behavior are significantly shaped in the first years of life at home. Evolution and social changes also play a role. Holger Stromberg uses these social changes to make people aware of what they eat. Simply cooking and non-conscious eating was yesterday.

What will the diet of the future look like?

For ten years until 2017, Holger Stromberg accompanied the German national soccer team in the DFB coaching staff as a nutrition coach and chef. Since 2008, he has been an independent entrepreneur and supports international companies in developing promising nutrition concepts for their employees. Because from top-class sport he knows only too well what influence the food we choose has on our own performance. Stromberg, who himself eats a largely plant-based diet, is convinced that everyone can become fitter, healthier and more productive with the right nutrition. In addition, on a more broad level, it explains in an simple and easy convertible way, how each of us can make a positive difference for climate balance by selecting the right kitchen equipment and use of leftovers. Vegetable leftovers, for example, can grow back endlessly.

Green cuisine for a better world

Thanks to people and activists like Holger Stromberg, who know how to push “green cuisine” out of the corner of complication, effort and ridicule, the shift in society’s consciousness becomes real. Stromberg unabashedly and inspiringly invites people to fundamentally change not only their own diet, but also that of their co-workers and family: For more joy in eating, healthy enjoyment, long-lasting health – and a better world.

His revolutionary lectures are about nothing less than the nutrition of the future and its influence on people and the environment. Because: (Sustainable) food changes everything, says Holger Stromberg. Isn’t it great to be able to contribute to a better world so easily?

Holger Stromberg

Executive Chef, Nutrition Expert & Entrepreneur