Jannike Stöhr – a 32 year old who tested 30 jobs in only one year

28. September 2018 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Jannike Stöhr’s young life may seem special to many of us, in any case, other than what one would call a normal life. Who would ever come up with the idea of trying out 30 jobs in a year? Her motto is simple: you need to try it out! Jannike Stöhr explains: “If you want to understand something, then look for experts from the field and accompany or question them.” Presumably, another motto also fits her very well: Live rather unusual!

At some point, Jannike Stöhr remembers, she also studied economics while working alongside in a commercial apprenticeship, her focus was personnel and organization. In addition, she is trained in design thinking and is currently undergoing further training to be a systemic coach.

Jannike Stöhr: Current heart project is to learn everything possible about the „30 jobs of the future“

It is meant to be an alternative approach, meaning not to of focus on what will most likely disappear in the future but to focus on what’s coming.

It builds on her first project “Finding the Dream Job – 30 Jobs in a Year”. Jannike Stöhr works together with futurologists, thought leaders and pioneers. Together, they will take a closer look at 30 different jobs of the future. She explains: “Future jobs are jobs that are either completely new or that will adapt to future needs. For example, an After Life Designer, who enables a virtual survival of the deceased, or jobs that will be in demand in the future due to changing conditions. For example, this category includes the nursing profession, which will change its content and gain importance in an aging society.”

The list of future jobs also includes such exotic professions as data scientist

Animal psychologist, drone hunter, virtual reality designer, e-athlete, space-tourist guide or social scoring advisor. Jannike Stöhr wants to try them all by herself, as far as it is possible at this time.

Her lecture topics cover a wide range according to her diverse experiences: she talks about the beautiful new world of work and what digitization means for employees. Jannike Stöhr explains how the jobs of the future will change our world of work or how to avoid to be replaced by robots. She thinks about the generation’s abundance and who actually remains when everyone can become anything. And, of course, she talks about her experiences as a jobhopper and tester of 30 jobs in a year and how one finds professional satisfaction.

The 32-year-old is currently considered a whiz kid in the speaker scene. Don’t miss her!

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Jannike Stöhr