Jens Korte – Premium Speakers meets “Mr. Wallstreet“ in New York City

11. May 2015 – Katharina Schlangenotto

1987. Remember Michael Douglas alias Gordon Gekko in the great movie “Street Wall”? Of course you do, everybody does! Ever since, the cliché of the money-greedy “Corporate Raider” of Wall Street is part of our thinking. Movies such as “Wolf of Wallstreet” with Leonardo di Caprio are also not exactly helpful to get rid of this image. Jens Korte could be of the same opinion – but he is not.

Since 1998, he lives in New York City and has witnessed the good times – now we probably have that scene with Jordan Belfort in mind when he threw one of his sex and drugs-parties – and the bad times. He was there when Wall Street crashed for a moment and even though, his opinion has remained the same: he believes that, despite all the prejudices, the stock exchange is something really positive because it would help ideas to become real. He admits frankly that there are bad guys, too. But aren’t they everywhere?

In his opinion, Germany, for some reason, shows an extreme antipathy against the financial sector. But isn’t that also dangerous? Germany, the largest national economy in Europe, seems to become more and more dependent on London, New York, Shanghai or Hongkong. In fact, Germany would not be among the big players anymore. He asks: is that really what Germany wants?

To meet Jens Korte is exciting in a way. Every day, he his right in the middle of the capital market. Attentively, you listen to him and can’t help the feeling that he knows more than us.

In his thrilling speeches about the US economical and financial world, he tells stories from the inside of Wall Street – far away from any cliché.

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Jens Korte

Mr. Wall-Street, USA-Expert & Journalist