Mr. Wall-Street, USA-Expert & Journalist

The relationship between Europe and America has seen better times. But the U.S. remains the locomotive for the global economy. Jens Korte has been reporting from New York since 1999. That was in the midst of the Internet boom. Then the technology bubble burst and the USA slid into recession.

America – The tottering economic power

The terrorist attacks in 2001, the boom in the financial markets, the scandals in the 2000s, the big crash in 2008, the following upswing, the energy boom and crash, the election of Donald Trump!: Jens Korte followed these events live on the spot. With the new President Joe Biden, the financial markets are once again facing exciting times in the global economy. The labor market is experiencing the most tremendous change since the 1930s. The pandemic highlighted the vulnerability of the U.S. economy. The energy market remains in upheaval. Innovations are driving the world’s largest economy.

Jens Korte Lecture topics

  • Utopia – Silicon Valley and what’s still in store for us
  • USA 2024 – The presidential election and the new America
  • Metaverse & Digitalization: What are the big digital trends in what is still the world’s largest market?
  • The digital revolution in retail
  • The digital transformation of the financial industry
  • The new Wall Street: the digital financial market
  • The new global world order in trade and business

Jens Korte reports daily from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on the ups and downs of the US economy for SRF, Deutsche Welle (in German and English) and n-tv. Every Sunday, his column appears in nzz am Sonntag. Since 2015, Jens Korte has been writing weekly in the “Wall Streeter” for the Austrian Börsenkurier. On the radio, he can be heard daily on SRF 4 News and Klassik Radio. Every two weeks, Jens Korte picks up on the latest trends in his video column “Wall Street Insights”.

After completing an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at Hoechst AG and successfully studying economics in Berlin, Jens Korte moved to New York in 1998. In 2003, he founded his own company, new york german press. In March 2014, his first book was published with the exciting title: “Save Wall Street – Why we need the gamblers!” He also coaches his son’s soccer team in Brooklyn.

Further lectures by Jens Korte on the economy and financial markets

Financial markets facing the acid test:

At the turn of the millennium, the Internet bubble burst. In 2007/08, something happened that hardly anyone thought possible: real estate prices in the U.S. collapsed. Are we now experiencing the next shock? Can the globalized world still be saved? Since the election of Donald Trump, Wall Street has only known one direction: steeply upward. Now protectionism is taking over worldwide. Decades of tightrope walking are being put to the test. The “R” word is making the rounds. And at the center of it all are the U.S. and Wall Street.

No other German-speaking journalist is as close to the action as Jens Korte, who experienced the heyday of Bill Clinton on the ground before the dotcom bubble imploded. With his connections on Wall Street and his journalistic flair, Korte recognizes trends that go well beyond the daily fluctuations on the markets.

Re-Inventing Capitalism

America is the motherland of financial market-driven capitalism. And to this day, when Wall Street coughs, global markets get pneumonia. But in the USA, of all places, doubts about the system are emerging. The question of whether the principle of shareholder value is still appropriate is becoming louder and louder. Politicians on both the right and the left are increasingly criticizing the status quo. This is also true with regard to the climate issue, which is slowly appearing on the agenda not only among young people but also in Corporate America. How serious are the players about changing values? What are the potential implications for global financial markets?

The battle for digital supremacy

The startup scene in Europe is growing. But by far the most capital for new trends is found in the United States. That still makes the United States the global innovation hub. When it comes to artificial intelligence, China has established itself as number one. Europe seems to be left with only the role of digital colony here. However, regulators in Europe and America are slowly mobilizing against the digital giants like Amazon, Google or Facebook.

Jens Korte not only works as an economic policy correspondent on Wall Street. In 2018, he took on a visiting professorship at the Private University of Applied Sciences in Bern on the topic of “Digital Interaction.” In this context, Jens Korte deals with topics such as “The digital revolution in retail”, “The digital transformation of the financial industry”, “The social and regulatory challenges in the digital era”.

Jens Korte lectures in German and English. He has lived in New York for over 20 years.