Jitske Kramer: The expert on cultural diversity and organizational development

09. October 2023 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Jitske Kramer travels around the world to get to know new cultures, learn from them and pass on her knowledge to companies and organizations. So that places can be created where people can develop.

Jitske Kramer is an anthropologist, renowned management consultant and expert in cultural diversity, leadership and organizational development.

Jitske Kramer is known for her fresh ideas on teamwork, culture and connective leadership. Her latest book, “Work Has Left the Building,” published in Dutch under the title “Werk hat het gebouw verlaten,” was number one on the Dutch bestseller list for a long time. In it, the author and entrepreneur addresses the questions facing the corporate world:

  • How can companies and organizations adapt their organizational structure?
  • How to lead from a distance?
  • How can you maintain pride in your organization and stay connected to your team even when working remotely?
  • How does change succeed and what role do rituals play?

Jitkse Kramer shines through her anthropological expertise, her experience in organizations and the diverse inspirations she brings from her travels around the world. The dedicated Dutchwoman also brings her knowledge and experience to the corporate and organizational world as an inspirational speaker, author and entrepreneur.

In her presentations, she passionately advocates a corporate and organizational culture in which people are allowed to develop and evolve as they see fit. She is convinced that this is the only way companies and organizations can remain competitive in the long term in a market that has evolved from an employer market to an employer market in recent years.

Jitske Kramer sees companies and organisations as places where people are allowed to grow

Jitske Kramer helps companies and organizations evolve into places where people love to work and can – and want to – give their best. In her keynotes, she provides deep insights into what makes cultures work.

Because the busy anthropologist has lived and worked in different parts of the world, she brings a fundamental understanding of different cultures and their peculiarities that has been lost in some companies and organizations due to work and time constraints.

Jitske Kramer says: “A village community is also a culture, an organization that must continue to develop. This works best when each:r does what suits him:her. Simply spoken: A baker should not sole shoes and a cobbler should not bake rolls. That’s exactly how it should ideally be in organizations and corporate cultures.” Unfortunately, the reality is usually still quite different.

Promoting diversity and inclusion in companies

Her heart also beats for the promotion of diversity and inclusion in companies. Jitske Kramer is passionate about helping organizations benefit from the diversity of their employees and create an open and inclusive culture.

In doing so, Jitske Kramer takes a practical approach and shares tangible approaches to successful organizational development in her keynotes. She doesn’t just impart theoretical knowledge, but offers concrete tools and techniques that can be applied in the real business world.

As a keynote speaker, Jitske Kramer has the ability to captivate audiences with her presence alone, presenting complex topics in an inspiring and understandable way. Thanks to her international experience, she incorporates global perspectives into her presentations, from which companies and organizations can clearly benefit.

In addition to her Dutch bestseller, she has also published other successful books, including “The Corporate Tribe” and “Jam Cultures,” which have received attention far beyond the Dutch borders and are well worth reading.

As a keynote speaker, Jitske Kramer is currently one of the most valuable experts for executives and management consultants who want to know how to successfully make cultural diversity and organizational development an integral part of their companies.

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Jitske Kramer

Expert on Corporate Culture, Organizational Culture & Inclusion, Author & Entrepreneur