Jörg Pilawa – German TV and event moderator

18. June 2020 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Everyone in Germany knows Jörg Pilawa. He is one of the most famous television and event moderators. He has been moderating the Saturday evening live show “Game for Your Country” and the daily “Quiz Duel” for the German public TV station ARD since 2014. Jörg Pilawa is also the face of the “NDR Quizshow”, the longest running quiz show on German television. Recently, he was just announced to be the co-moderator in the famous German TV Show “NDR Talk Show”.

The 54-year-old from Hamburg uses his popularity to support charitable projects: Since 2009, he has been an ambassador for the “Look there!” Initiative, in 2012 and 2013 he was a volunteer ambassador for Aktion Mensch. Jörg Pilawa is also an active ambassador for the World Future Council. He has been ambassador for the German Rheumatism League since July 2016 and ambassador for Tafeln Germany since 2019.

Jörg Pilawa – thoughts about the future

Like everyone else in showbiz, he is very much loved by some for his pleasantly unobtrusive manner while others find him to somewhat too smooth. As an old hand in show business, he doesn’t give a damn. The big appearance on the red carpets was never his thing, he says that he it makes him feel awkward. Also, he prefers to spend his free time with friends from school rather than with other prominent people. Jörg Pilawa is interested in “normal” people, also in his shows. The so called “normal people”, he said once, would, in contrast to celebrities who rehearse their sentences beforehand, often surprise him more.

In an interview with the editorial network Germany (RND) last year, he replied to the question of what his career plans for 2020 would look like:

“I have the feeling that a lot will change. My contract with the ARD expires in December 2020. I am then faced with the choice: do I want to continue with this number of strokes? I can definitely say no. But the question remains: What am I actually doing? “

Producing programs as it were on the assembly line would also become “a mental problem” for him. In the same interview, he said: “When I started 25 years ago, things went steeply uphill in the TV area. Today you are successful if your program has four million viewers, at that time you would have got rid of the show directly with four million. Of course, this leads to mental problems for us older people, one often thinks: Do you remember how it used to be? And when I think of my young colleagues, I sometimes think: How long will it last for them?”

In the meantime, Jörg Pilawa has reduced his television program further to pursue his big passion: moderating live again. Because he loves it not only in front of television cameras, but also on stage, he focusses more on moderating award ceremonies, company events and charity galas. His event moderations include events such as the German “Nuremberg Opera Ball” or the gala “Everyday Heroes”.

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Jörg Pilawa

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