Jutta Kleinschmidt: No risk, no fun!

25. October 2016 – Katharina Schlangenotto

It was in 2007 when she drove her last Dakar Rally. After that, she missed the kick. She said in a interview with the German magazine “Automobil Revue” last year, that South-America, where the rally took place in 2015, was certainly very beautiful, however Africa as not being as civilized would have a far more adventurous character.

Ultimately, this is why she started with the Dakar Rally in the first place: she was looking for the adventure. Adventure is what has always fascinated her.

Since 2004, she has a license to fly a helicopter and also got excited about (extreme) bicycling: in 2003, she crossed the Alps on her bike and in 2004, she finished a marathon in South-Tirol and the Race Across America. Phew, what a power!

The appeal to achieve something special

Jutta Kleinschmidt has dreams and is determined to make them come true. In 2008, she was allowed to fly to Africa in a helicopter for the movie “Nine miles down.” She calls that good fortune, a dream came true. But, she adds in her realistic way, everything has its time. Today, flying the helicopter has become a lot less. Other dreams joined in.

She is motivated by achieving something special, to make a difference. This is what guides her even through hard times and situations.

9 to 5? Holidays? Not in Jutta Kleinschmidt’s life. She has loads of energy and when she is “off”, she is still active and spends time with her family or is engaged in new projects again. Standstill is absolutely not for her.

The power of dreams

She believes in the power of dreams, ultimately, it is dreams that make things happen. However, we need to look carefully if it is really something that really sparks us. She is sure: you can only be good at something if you are really into it.

“There are so many untouched topics and niches out there and everyone is able to find the right thing for him or her.” And she adds: “What you need of course is the will to win, the will to give everything for your dream.”

The little bit of luck

Many people believed that is luck which brings people further. Some just live on the sunny side of life, right? Jutta Kleinschmidt doesn’t agree. In the contrary, luck would only occur if somebody started the journey – which might not always be an easy one. Luck is, in her opinion, a result of getting through difficult situations.

Jutta Kleinschmidt advises to deal with defeat or setbacks, accept them and learn from them. “Get up again, try again and do it better next time!” is her mantra.

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In her lectures, she talks about challenges, the passion to perform, the adventure of desert racing as well as win and defeat, motivation and teams.

Numerous well-known international companies already benefit from her experience, knowledge and adventurous character.

Premium Speaker Jutta Kleinschmidt is a true gift to any event, lecture or stage due to her wide experience and realistic perspective on things. Learn more about her and contact us at: jutta.kleinschmidt@premium-speakers.com

Jutta Kleinschmidt

Winner Rallye Dakar, Adventurer, Author