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28. March 2017 – Katharina Schlangenotto

“Unfortunately, most people decide to fail,” says Katja Porsch. “It seems easier to do that at first, but it is an illusion. The question is: what do you want to look at at the end of your life: your success pyramid or a pyre?”

The blonde, charismatic business lady brings along loads of knowldge about success and falling down to the very bottom. She has been there and managed to get up again. Today she is convinced that failure is no stigma as such. It is simply crucial to get up again and learn from your mistakes.

Katja Porsch: “I’d rather be the shark than the herring.”

Katja Porsch has edges and corners and brings along the courage to speak up even if everyone else doesn’t. She is self-confident and can’t help to question things that have always been done in a certain way. She feels the urge to encourage change where she sees that it is needed.

At the age of 25, she started her sales career with cold calls in a Berlin real estate sales office, just armed with a telephone book. The market was hard, it was all about performance in a time of pressure and competition and ellbows. There was no fix income, there were no customers but hard sales pressure. Every second colleague gave up after a short time – she didn’t.

“Those who weren’t able to sell at least one property a month were simply fired,” she remembers. However, this hard school taught her how to motivate herself over and over again despite of many disappointments. She has learned that giving up is not an option.

Failure does not exist!

When she later on went broke with her own real estate company, she felt devastated at firs. “The outstandings went higher and higher, customers wouldn’t or only very slowly pay,” narrates Katja Porsch and it sounds like in a bad movie. At that time, she admits to have made strategic mistakes. She had put her last money into the company and realized way too late that there was nothing left to do except to accept that it was over. “I should have pulled the tear line much earlier,” she says today and adds, that still, she wouldn’t regret anything about her past. One of her guiding principles today is this: Do not wait – just do it!

Do not talk about sales – just do it!

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Katja Porsch

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