Katja Porsch – Whining is so yesterday! Learn how to get exactly what you want

21. November 2017 – Katharina Schlangenotto

“Child, if you go to University, you’ll be successful.” Pause. “Many of you have heard that piece of advice,” says Katja Porsch. It didn’t work for her at all. After a few semesters, she knew that she wanted something different: to be successful, make money, drive a Porsche. She excelled in sales and marketing at a realty in Berlin, was sought after, had many friends, as well as a Porsche. She founded her own realty company. That was the high point in her career. “I thought I was invincible,” said the woman, who, as a child and in her teens, was shy and hated to be the center of attention. But she left all that behind, for hard work and success.

Bankrupt! So what?!

After just two years, she went bankrupt. She kept her head above water with several jobs and eventually began sales and marketing at a startup. Just a year later, she discovered that this company too, was on course to bankruptcy. Despite great efforts to tip the scales, the second insolvency followed. “That was really awful,” she says, in hindsight. But she wouldn’t be Katja Porsche, if she allowed the two defeats to weigh her down. And strangely, she says today, at the time, she felt a great sense of liberation. As if now, everything is possible.

Making mistakes is allowed!

Shortly afterwards, she began her career as a speaker. In years one, she became the Top Consultant of the 100 trainers of Speaker Excellence. Soon, she was offered a post of lecturer at the Printplus Akademie, the Zurich International Business School, as well as the Ostdeutschen Sparkassenakademie. Her reputation as a top sales expert was soon established and her clients count some DAX Companies and many more medium sized businesses. In numbers: 30.000 listeners! Over 7000 sales talks! More than 50.000 acquisitions!

It depends on the hard drive.

Her story seems like a classic hero’s tale. All the bad things that have happened to her in the past, now serve her future. Because she knows exactly what she’s talking about, when she says, that it’s not genes or talent that determine someone’s success. For her, it’s certain that: “Successful peeolpe don’t have better genes or talents; their hard drive is just programmed differently.” She says: “The fear of failure or to make mistakes is one of the biggest obstacles hindering success. Without accepting the possibility of failing, we would never have learned to walk. And without accepting the possibility of failing, I would never have gotten to where I am today. Falling and mistakes are a part of life and working, like the air you breathe. And if we want to be more successful, we need to overcome that fear.”

15 steps to success

She has developed 15 more or less easy steps that can help you reach your goals. She calls them “the gear”. But just as important is the setting on your hard drive. So that failures and circumstances don’t get the better of you.

If you want to know more about Katja Porsch and her current talks, call us or send an email to: katja-porsch@premium-speakers.com