Making it happen! Ex-Olympic champion Dominique Gisin on the luck of Doing

27. November 2018 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Three victories, four podium finishes at the Ski World Cup and a gold medal at the 2014 Sochi Olympics – that sounds impressive and describes the personality of Dominique Gisin quite well.

Dominique Gisin is not only fast on the slopes, but also in the head

Instead of her skiing career, she could have studied medicine. Among few, she had the Numerus Clausus for it. Instead, she started with physics but had to brake up as she lacked time. Also, life obviously had a different plan for her first.

Now, after retiring from professional sports three and a half years ago, she began studying physics again. At the age of 29. So what, thought Dominique. Obstacles like that never come into her mind. For her, it is never to late to make a dream come true. Being fascinated with numbers, she loves to dive into the subject, reads books on physics also in her spare freetime and again loves what she does.

Dominique Gisin has this love for life which shines through all her pores. When she talks, it comes from the heart – and still is well considered. She is a quick thinker and solves Sodukos in minutes. Very quickly, she has advanced to be one of the most popular top speakers and speakers.

Skiing, flying airplanes

Certainly it’s also worth mentioning that Dominique Gisin is currently preparing for her commercial pilot license. Besides skiing, flying airplanes is her second biggest passion. Or maybe even the third: after the numbers.

She describes her dream as follows: “I want to combine studying physics, flying and skiing. In aerodynamics, for example. “She’ll get there, that’s for sure.

Besides all that, she is an ambassador for brands and organizations that are important to her. These include, for example, the Swiss Red Cross, the fit4future initiative of the Cleven Foundation or the Live Your Dream Foundation.

Presentation “Making it happen”

With her presentation “Making it happen” she wants to encourage people to believe in dreams and to tackle things. Together with her longtime sports psychologist Christian Marcolli, she has put together a lecture that gives an insight into the world of the ski circus and top-level sport as well as on her own path to the Olympic victory, studded with photos, videos and details. In addition, it shows parallels with other areas in which excellence is needed, be it in sports, in professional life or in general.

Because of her success as a Top-Speaker, she has recently also released her first book. She says that she hopes to inspire as many people as possible to pursue their own path with endurance and willpower. And she so means it.

Meet Dominique Gisin in person on the stage. She is truly an impressive young lady.

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