Marc Hauser: World record holder in horizontal free fall and “messenger of luck”

24. July 2020 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Stories that captivate, breathtaking pictures taken between heaven and earth and a good dose of humor characterize the incredibly exciting lectures by freefall world record holder Marc Hauser.

Fortunately, the Swiss born now not only lives out his passion for the extremes, but also brings his talent as a storyteller to the stage and among the people. Because his lively and humorous narrative style pulls everyone along and also guarantees best entertainment at the highest level.

Marc Hauser – everything begins in your head

The man with the likeable and at first glance not particularly adventurous appearance holds the world record of being the first person to jump into the jet stream. Born in Valais, he flew at 304 miles per hour over an entire city, making him the fastest person in horizontal free fall, known as speed tracking. This discipline has only existed since Marc Hauser created it.

So, it is more than surprising when he openly tells of his fear of heights that has accompanied him for a good while in his life. Because Marc Hauser has a strong will and also a penchant for extremes, he started to work on himself. Until he was able to leave his own limits behind. Whether or not you have to set a world record in the discipline that scares you the most remains to be seen. But Marc Hauser shows that it is actually possible to overcome fears and self-built blockages.

“Everything starts in the head,” he knows today.

Freedom lies in doing the supposedly impossible. Marc Hauser is convinced that this applies to everyone. Not just for himself.

That is why it is so important to him today to spread the message to as many people as possible. As an exciting speaker who, despite all the humanity, may at times seem almost uncanny. After all, who flies horizontally through the air at a speed of over 300 km / h?

Marc Hauser has the gift of convincingly conveying to people that desires and dreams not only exist in the imagination, but that they can also be implemented and realized. It is the path from the idea to the action that he realistically shows and is incredibly inspired by his own story. His message: You can do that too!

Marc Hauser has a kind of aura that can be felt instantly when he enters a room: it is an irresistible mixture of freshness and trust in life and one’s own abilities, motivation, courage and confidence.

Marc Hauser inspires and makes people happy in a way. Someone once said that he has what it takes to encourage heroic deeds. It is because he believes so firmly in the seemingly impossible.

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Marc Hauser

Adventurer & World record holder - First man flying in the Jetstream