Marcel Fratzscher: Economist with a desire for fairness in the world

07. March 2021 – Oliver Stoldt

Marcel Fratzscher: Economist with a desire for fairness in the world.

Bonn, Kiel, Oxford/UK, the Philippines, Cambridge/USA, Kenya, Indonesia, Florence/Italy, Calcutta/India, Washington DC/USA, Frankfurt am Main… German-born Marcel Fratzscher is not only a globetrotter, but above all one of the most important economists of this time and President of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin).

In terms of content, Marcel Fratzscher focuses primarily on topics related to the European debt crisis, financial stability and capital controls, on the global transmission mechanisms of financial crises, and on reforms of the International Monetary System. His research has been published in leading journals, and he currently writes a column in the German weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” in which he examines current issues from an economic perspective. In it, it becomes clear that Marcel Fratzscher is also and especially concerned with world order and humanistic coexistence. For example, he writes in “Die Zeit” about the Corona pandemic: “In Germany, we should urgently return to a more objective debate about our handling of the Corona pandemic. A look at the rest of the world, and especially at the poorest of the poor, would make us aware of how privileged and fortunate we are and that we have done a great deal right in the last twelve months of the pandemic. And such a perspective would help broaden our horizons and understand that solidarity and community need to be understood not just nationally but globally.”

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Marcel Fratzscher argues that “it’s not the Corona pandemic that creates injustice, but the fact that we as a society allow the social polarization exacerbated by the pandemic.” He says, “The pandemic will exacerbate the distributional struggle within our society. But it also presents an opportunity for us as a society to renegotiate justice by initiating an honest dialogue about achievement and needs and human dignity. Solidarity and a sense of community have proven to guarantee a successful response to the pandemic. One can only hope that policymakers and society will not forget this lesson as they renegotiate the social contract.”

Recently, he sat on the German TV talk show “Markus Lanz,” discussing the situation in the U.S. under and after Donald Trump. In it, he says that, in his opinion, the basic problem in the U.S. will remain, which is to reverse three to four years of a polarization policy. Joe Biden will have to continue the “America first” policy, even if he will not name it that way. His task, as the new U.S. president himself said, is to create unity again. That, Michael Fratzscher believes, would be a mammoth task that will take time.

In his lectures, Michael Fratzscher explains what makes Europe tick, but also what makes other countries tick. Fratzscher speaks in German and English on the topics of workplace and work model, Stock Market, Digital Transformation and Digital Disruption, European Union and the Brexit, Global Trends, Consumption and Trade, Crisis Management, and Future Generations.

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Marcel Fratzscher

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