Martina Fuchs – the “5-Premium Speakers Questions”

28. May 2019 – Melanie Hübner

The journalist Martina Fuchs from Aarau has worked for the Chinese State Television

Martina Fuchs is a former CNNMoney Switzerland TV Anchor based in Zurich and worked as Senior Business Reporter for the Chinese state broadcaster CGTN (China Global Television Network, formerly CCTV NEWS) in Beijing. Before that, she was Reuters Economy Correspondent for the Gulf Arab region in Dubai and Reuters Financial TV Producer in London.

What are the core subjects of your keynote speeches?

Martina Fuchs:

• China / Asia and the Middle East
• Business and global financial markets
• Emerging markets
• Sustainability and impact investing
• Cross-cultural communication
• Multi-cultural leadership and training
• Coaching and mentoring
• International relations
• Thought leadership

Which audience or which branch do you reach with your speech?

Martina Fuchs:

Business leaders, policymakers, global CEOs, C-level executives, start-ups, female entrepreneurs, international students, an audience with multicultural backgrounds.

Why are you a Premium Speaker? Where do you get your insights from?

Martina Fuchs:

I work as a bridge builder between East and West, and North and South.
I gather inputs and gain inspiration from the news, financial markets, social media, my strong global business network, TV interviews with top CEOs and policymakers, and my experience from working in different cultures and countries ranging from China to Yemen, Switzerland to Egypt.
I am a highly professional and incredibly enthusiastic media personality and thought leader who thinks outside the box and is willing to go far beyond what is required.
With my insight and knowledge of Middle Eastern and Chinese business and culture, in-depth reporting and cross-cultural communication skills, I help break stereotypes, shape the news agenda, and create more cultural understanding in our world today.
As a pioneer I can easily build relationships, engage in dialogue and cultural exchange, and develop collaborations in many different fields to create a real and sustainable impact.

What will be in the future? Does 'time' play an important role in your work?

Martina Fuchs:

Tick, tock. Time is money, and one of the most valuable resources in the world. Time is a crucial factor in our age of digital disruption. Therefore, it’s paramount to manage and tackle issues as quickly as possible in the news and media industry as well as in other sectors. However, I also believe in the Chinese proverb ”不怕慢,就怕站”, which translates into: it’s better to make slow progress than no progress at all.
There is no fate nor future but what we make for ourselves. I am a strong believer that new innovations, blockchain technologies and scientific research will make our world a better place.

What is your life motto? What would you like to give your listeners on the way?

"“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi"

Martina Fuchs

Journalist, Event-Moderator, Host & Expert on Asia, the China Silk Road & Middle East