Rebecca Freitag – the “5 Premium Speakers Questions”

12. March 2021 – Mandy Weinand

Rebecca Freitag is a Sustainability Expert, Future Architect, Voice of Youth, Guardian for Future Generations and Political Entrepreneur.

As a former UN youth delegate and sought-after speaker, Rebecca knows the big stages of the world, but also the small discussion groups in companies, schools and organizations.

Rebecca Freitag has given young people a voice at the United Nations and advocated for the implementation of the UN’s 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs for short) in a wide variety of institutions. From the German Bundesbank, to ministries, innovation congresses, businesses, and workshops at youth camps, she has inspired people for a sustainable future.

Rebecca Freitag in an interview with Premium Speakers:

Premium Speakers: What are the core topics of your presentations?

Rebecca Freitag: My presentations revolve around the topic of sustainability, transformation and the mindset for the 21st century. How do we have to think and act in order to look into a positive future? I deal with the topic of sustainable development in all its facets and am a representative of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In doing so, I always adapt individually to the core topic of the audience.

Thus, I have already given presentations focusing on sustainable finance, sustainable business models, mobility, energy, education, nutrition, gender equality, climate protection, etc. This includes linking these topics and putting them into the big picture and showing sustainable social and economic systems. I pick up the audience where they already are and then start the journey with them, showing them niches and opportunities to find their own places in the transformation. What is my role in the upcoming transformation? Where can I help and co-create?

My passion for this topic makes it clear that sustainability is fun. As the voice of young people, I also know the perspectives and trends of younger generations on future issues. I also like to inspire with visions of the future. How can companies contribute to the transformation? Is a question I deal with as co-founder of the Global Impact Alliance. My presentations live from successful examples of existing solutions and stories that I was able to experience with world leaders, indigenous people in the rainforest or fifth graders.

Premium Speakers: Which audience or industry do you reach with your speech?

Rebecca Freitag: I convey my heartfelt topic to all those who want to make themselves and their company or organization fit for the future. My work as a UN Youth Delegate for Sustainable Development has taught me to communicate this topic in a target group-specific way to a wide variety of groups: from high-ranking politicians*, companies, young people or the media.

My speeches are addressed to all those who are curious about the future, question things that have been done so far, like to try things out, know that “business as usual” does not apply and want to make this world a little bit better.

My speeches are for change makers – or those who want to become change makers. For them the talk will be a motivating benefit.

Premium Speakers: Why are you a premium speaker and where do you get your knowledge from?

Rebecca Freitag: I stand behind the topics I bring to stages large and small with heart, passion and conviction. I draw my knowledge from my involvement in this topic, for example as a UN Youth Delegate for Sustainable Development, a bike activist or an ambassador for intergenerational justice.

I have communicated the topic of sustainability in a wide variety of settings: from the international stage of the United Nations to media appearances, talks in ministries, lectures in lecture halls, and scientific conferences.

Professionally, I am also concerned with the question of how to convey competencies on the topic of sustainable development in a targeted manner and am currently designing a new interdisciplinary online course “sustainable development at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

Besides, I am constantly working on new implementation ideas in the field of start-ups and political lobbying campaigns and thus deepen my knowledge in this field and develop new ideas every day.

My intensive exchange with young people all over the world on the topic of sustainability also gives me a good insight into the wishes, perspectives and contributions of the global young generation and thus keeps my finger on the pulse.

Premium Speakers: What does the future hold? Does “time” play a role in your profession? Or steadiness?

Rebecca Freitag: The future is my middle name. What interests me most is: How can we actively shape the future? How can we put the well-being aspect back at the center of our thoughts and actions?

The transformation has already begun and will take up more and more space in our future. To make clear the importance of shaping the future is one of my central concerns.

Premium Speakers: Tell us your motto in life! What would you like the audience to take away with them?

Rebecca Freitag: We all have the ability and responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future and the health of the planet and people. Our self-efficacy seems to have been forgotten, but needs to be activated again. Everyone can contribute to the change – the small things are as important as the big ones.

If wellbeing is once again at the center of our politics, economy and society, we will succeed in sustainable development much more easily or even almost by ourselves. How do we create a good life for all of us? The good news is: Sustainability is fun!

For this new era, we need to start thinking about things in a new and holistic way. We need to awaken our curiosity, go into trial and error, and allow mistakes to happen calmly.

Above all, we need to involve young people in every decision we make today. This will lead to fresher and more innovative results and let the youth have a say in their own future.

Rebecca Freitag

Sustainability Expert, Future Architect and Political Entrepreneur