Nicole Brandes – about future leadership and the desire for orientation and being part of something bigger

07. June 2016 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Swiss born Nicole Brandes was a leader in large international companies für more than 15 years. It was a lot of fun, she says, exactly what she always wanted to do and people around her saw her talent and supported her. Nevertheless, she struggled at times and did not exactly know why. It was back then when she started to dive deeper into the topic. Surprisingly enough, her research was not about rational management theories but about human beings as such. She found out quickly that the secret lies in actually understanding people and their emotions. She says that one of her biggest wishes and vision would be to contribute to a new way of thinking when it comes to leadership. She believes that change can only happen once people treat each other as people.

The secret of leadership in crisises

In an interview with the publishing house Europa Verlag she once told her story of how she became so fascinated with leadership. It was when Swiss Air flight 111 crashed down over Halifax. She became leader for the management on site and witnessed how leaders acted during a crisis. While some of them literally broke down as they could not bear the burden, others turned into control freaks in order to keep the situation and people in hand. Both ways weren’t successful. At one point, the leader of forensic investigation began to address the people. Strangely enough, despite the unbelievable, endless sorrow, everyone alistened to him and followed. Ever since, she started to dive deep into the subject of leadership. Among others, she started to investigate in Taoism and learned from the big chinese masters how success is defined and achieved in this spiritual, philosophical and religious tradition.

In her speeches about future leadership in times of change, she shares her wide range of experience with her audience. The biggest challenge, in her opinion, is to deal with the growing complexity and diversity in the world.

The more digitalization, the more longing for orientiation

People don’t follow anyone if they they are forced to but because they want to, says Nicole Brandes. To follow, in her definition, means to be open and empathic. She has found out that there are true leader personalities everywhere around the globe. Whereas everyone has his own style of leading, they all have one thing in common: they are able to create hypnotic suctions and create resonance and a feeling of connection. She calls the phenomenon a “feeling of us” that causes the will to support ideas and the will to follow. Due to our fast changing and diverse world, the task of leading has become a lot more difficult. There are intercultural differences to mention just one important challenge, it is not always easy to understand each other due to cultural differences. In Nicole Brandes’ opinion, we need more of a “WE-INTELLIGENCE”. And the good news is that everyone can learn and train it.

Future leadership

In her speaches, she explains how companies und entrepreneurs get back to their key concerns and how this does not only have a positive on employees but also on longterm profits. She also talks about future leadership, challenges that come with digitalization, Agile Leadership, diversity, intercultural leadership or success strategies found in Taoism.

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