Max Bormann: smart, handsome and absolutely sensational!

03. November 2015 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Max Bormann has this boy charm , this special something which accounts for whether someone is an instantly likeable person or not. Plus, he is good looking and leaves an impression. He makes a difference, not only on stage, even though his talent unveils best in front of an audience. Words seem to come easy to him, he is able to put a spell on the audience immediately. When he was still in sales, he says, he had once driven to an appointment with his new supervisor. “The new one” wanted to get an idea of the sales teams’ quality. Bormann left the meeting in a really good mood, he thought that he did a great job, he was satisfied with his perfomance and ready for the upcoming weekend. Just then, his new supervisor feedbacked on Bormanns performance from his point of view and said: “Well, this was good “Kreisklasse”, district league level, but obviously there is still a way to go to get into Champions League.” Bham! That hit home. For a brief moment, Bormann slipped his features and his good humor vanished within seconds. No way! He was good in what he did, really good even . He decided to put the criticism aside. After all, what did this unfair feedback have to do with him? But as much as he tried , he did not manage to forget about it. His supervisor’s words ran deep and his thoughts kept returning to them. He spent the weekend questioning and analysing the meeting and began to take it serious. What if the guy told the truth? He had 10 years more of experience in sales and most probably, like it or not, he was damn right.

Bormann knows many stories like this from his own experience. He has been there, he has made loads of sometimes painful experiences himself, he is not a ” guru ” but just Max. And his simple conclusion is that, although we all very much wish for positive feedback, it doesn’t push us any further. Positive feedback vanishes quickly whereas constructive criticism from a person who has more knowledge about something then we has a much deeper impact on our future thoughts and actions. How do players in the Champions League get to this high level? They keep reaching for more, they are seeking feedback from the best, they want to get better even though they are already good. It is a mind shift, another way of looking at things and it is not easy to put that into practice. Therefore, he recommends to work with mentors or a coach. To connect with someone who is a step ahead will support our personal development and prevent us from getting lazy.

He talks about the human weaknesses that we all deal with: being afraid of criticism, finding sense in what we do, dealing with mistakes and staying open hearted for new developments and changes. Bormann speaks a language that is easy to understand, his sentences are short and precise. “No growth without problems”, is one of them, and he adds: “No problems without growth “His message is crystal clear: change your way of thinking! Bormann does not just repeat corny sentences but focuses on the meaning behind it . “Whenever giving up on something comes to your mind,” he says, “remember why you are doing it! ” Without a meaning it is unlikely to be successful. He calls himself the “Sinnitiator®”, meaning that he wants to create meaning in everything we do – in business and beyond. He pleads for meaningful motivation to overcome personal limitations.

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